How enterprises can leverage the feature of Kingston using ServiceNow

5 features of Kingston that enterprises can leverage using ServiceNow

5 features of Kingston that enterprises can leverage using ServiceNow
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Kingston is the latest version of ServiceNow that is getting more popular day-by-day. Kingston is built to provide features and functionalities for a richer user experience. It introduces a combination of machine learning and automation that offers newer benefits to enterprises.
The ServiceNow development services have enabled new advancements with the release of Kingston. The areas of ServiceNow Platform, CSM, HR Service Delivery, ITOM, ITBM, Performance Analytics, Security Operations, GRC, and IT Service Management are some of the newly advanced highlights of ServiceNow. These features offer extended capabilities in setting up ServiceNow to deliver great experiences to enterprises.
Kingston is the first version of ServiceNow that utilizes Intelligent Automation – using RPA, Smart Workflows, and some preliminary AI and Machine Learning opportunities, that overall innovated powerful service experiences.
ServiceNow is currently acting as a backbone for modern enterprises, as it is enabling enterprises to redefine their services by providing an intuitive service experience, delivering solutions and assuring service availability through critically analyzing service metrics.

Here are the five important features of Kingston that makes it the ideal platform for enterprises to be more productive.

Intelligent Automation Engine

The Intelligent Automation Engine is the new AI tool featured in Kingston. This engine uses Machine Learning to take automation to the next level. The Machine Learning algorithms are applied to operational data so that you can produce tasks and ensure fast, efficient and accurate issue resolution.
The engine also uses an anomaly detection capability that prevents future errors and automatically initiates workflows. This feature will empower your enterprise to remain competitive and optimize your own performance at different levels.
You can leave your worries behind about incorrect projections, and you can make precise predictions. These new AI capabilities of the Intelligent Automation Engine are confirmed to provide you with an improved performance experience.

Improved User Experience

Kingston has introduced new user enhancements so that you can conveniently use the intuitive interface and make the solution.

  • New accessibility features are integrated to help you with navigation and accessibility of the platform.
  • You can experience improved self-service portals for convenience such as information sharing, raising request, or access knowledge base.
  • Embedded help is another feature that offers content-based help on the platform.
  • The new interface is optimized for improved navigation even for smartphones and tablets.

Enhanced IT Service Management

Kingston is loaded with ITSM features which can help your enterprise to increase business performance by improving service delivery.

  • The Agent Intelligence uses ML for automation requirements such as categorization, prioritization and assigning tasks, thus, it helps in saving resolution time.
  • A Virtual Agent is also offered in the form of a very interesting chatbot that is powered using the IBM Watson Conversation Service.
  • A single screen is enabled to help IT teams to quickly solve incidents with informed decisions.

Flow Designer

This is a completely new feature released in Kingston. It is the simplified version of ServiceNow Workflow. The flow designer easily manages your process and allows the users to build their own flows for easier workflows.
Kingston is featured to provide you with a structure that automates the workflow and create a streamline of the delivery process. Basically, it will replace manual transactions with a ‘light-speed’ service experience for every user of the enterprise.
The process owners and IT team can use natural language to automate tasks, approvals, notifications, and more, without the requirement of any coding. While other users can use variables to pass the information between actions such as approvals, tasks, notifications or records.

Integration Hub

Integration Hub is the next generation orchestration solution that is featured by ServiceNow to enhance overall efficiency and productivity. With the help of Integration Hub, enterprises can easily extend the functionality of Flow Designer as well.
The best thing about ServiceNow integration is that it facilitates third-party integrations with popular services like Slack, Hipchat, and Microsoft Teams and more, without requiring any coding.
With Integration Hub, ServiceNow has successfully enabled enterprises to drive innovation with limited coding skills and experience to contribute effectively to integrations and developments of process flows.
The final insight…
ServiceNow is made simple, one of the reasons being that it consumes a minimum amount of time to configure and start running an enterprise operation. This also means that you can be productive with immediate action while saving a huge amount of time that is usually spent on system settings.
Kingston is also loaded with many new updates in Knowledge Management and CMDB. There are new improvements to Edge Encryption, Guided Tour Designer, MetriBase, and more.
Kingston is sure to help enterprises in achieving their strategic business goals, and we are excited to help you get started with ServiceNow. If you wish to know more about how ServiceNow can help your enterprise to be more effective, kindly get in touch with our ServiceNow developers.

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