Nine steps to consider before you jump-start with Salesforce implementation

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Salesforce is a powerful platform that offers numerous business possibilities that are often hidden for enterprises. It has evolved over the years and we know that Salesforce solution has a lot of productive products on offer for businesses. Although, Salesforce is a well-equipped and easy to deploy platform, companies still require building a complete Salesforce implementation strategy. To assist you, we have identified some common challenges that you may face when planning to implement Salesforce.

1. Estimating cost

Cost estimation is a key challenge for many companies. And the cost of implementing Salesforce can be overwhelming for any organization. That is why it makes sense to understand the key considerations before investing. In the absence of proper consultation, business estimated implementation costs, licensing costs and other similar costs can make things complex. Therefore, it is crucial to understand beforehand how custom Salesforce products will help you meet your business goals.

2. Choosing the right partner

Since Salesforce is a combined platform for sales, marketing and customer service departments, you would want to carefully plan your implementation process. But if it turns out to be bumpy, you may have a rough impact on your operational efficiency. Therefore, it is wise to select a consultant for Salesforce implementation services that can walk you over Salesforce and its true capabilities.

3. Lacking internal experts

Hiring Salesforce experts has become the need of the hour, as they know the platform and can carry out seamless implementation process. In fact, it would be even difficult to map the existing business process without their involvement. Therefore, it is recommended to involve a project manager and an administrator from the time of consultation, as their involvement will ensure a smooth and successful launch.

4. Dealing with data migration

Migrating data can be tedious and painful, as it requires the mapping of data from one system to another. And this is where most companies go wrong if they do not have the right expertise. Be it managing unique IDs, duplicating data, adding custom fields or managing access control, they are all part of the challenge. Hence, it is better to let Salesforce experts help you in managing your data.

5. Integrating Salesforce

Salesforce does not operate in a silo and the real benefit of Salesforce can only be leveraged when it is integrated with other business applications of your organization. Propagating bad data and misunderstanding real-time integration are some of the common challenges faced by companies. However, when you get this right with the help of the right experts, you can experience awesome benefits such as improved real-time visibility, process efficiency, increased sales and valuable data collection.

6. Implementing Salesforce

Salesforce CRM can turn out to be very challenging if it’s features and capabilities aren’t well understood. The availability of new features does not necessarily mean you must incorporate them into your business. You might end up with complications during implementation and customization stages due to customizations that built over your previous customization. That gives you a reason why you should consider joining hands with Salesforce implementation partner.

7. Delivering consistent training

User training is an important aspect in order to tap into opportunities provided by the Salesforce platform. Lack of training will bring your Salesforce implementation to a stagnant level but understanding the entire platform and utilizing it appropriately will help you to create wonders.


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Being one of the leading CRM systems in the world, Salesforce assists enterprises to streamline their business operations on all fronts of customer relationships along with sales and marketing. From tracking their customer’s activity to marketing automation,


8. Managing centralized records in Salesforce

Maintaining the Salesforce platform after its implementation can be quite a challenge. If your team continues to use spreadsheet records or phone reminders to achieve targets, then you have missed out on utilizing Salesforce as a singular platform. The main purpose of Salesforce is to empower you with tracking, moderating and executing capabilities to manage your organizational processes.

9. Searching for ongoing support

Last, but not the least, the search for ongoing support remains a critical challenge. For many organizations, as they look out to maintain the new Salesforce environment, they would require an experienced Salesforce team for continuous support. Experts can help you to optimize and automate several processes for continuous improvement. They have the right skillsets for modifications like setting automation rules, customizing particular business processes and solving your storage and encryption needs as per your organizational requirements.

Take away
Salesforce is a huge platform with multiple products and service offerings. Hence, proper planning and preparation are necessary for a hassle-free implementation. To support you in this process before, during, and after your implementation, we can help. We render a complete set of services cloud with a team of Salesforce certified developers in order to infuse the true benefits of Salesforce in your business operations. If you need assistance with Salesforce implementation services, get in touch with us.

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