Experience the new-gen manufacturing solutions @IMTS 2022 Experience the new-gen manufacturing solutions @IMTS 2022

Revolutionize your production line: IMTS 2022 is the place to be!

Revolutionize your production line: IMTS 2022 is the place to be!
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The International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) is a trade show featuring industrial machinery and technology. It is the largest manufacturing technology trade show in North America. Industry leaders and professionals visit IMTS from all over the world to learn about the latest innovations in digital and conventional manufacturing. They get to experience thousands of novel machining technologies through this event.

IMTS is a six-day show held on alternate years at Chicago’s McCormick Place. It brings individuals from the industry together to talk about new opportunities and network with the manufacturing community.

Manufacturing companies need a comprehensive business strategy that helps them to accelerate innovation, address conventional business challenges and generate new opportunities. Since every organization functions differently and faces distinct challenges, the process of accelerating innovation for their enterprise must be unique.

Softweb Solutions has created various solutions to cater to the diverse needs of the manufacturing sector using the Internet of things, data analytics, digital transformation, extended reality, augmented reality, metaverse and several other technologies. Our AI-driven solutions help manufacturing companies to prevent machine failures and downtime with predictive maintenance. Also, they help frontline workers:

  • Quickly follow maintenance and repair procedures
  • Increase first-time fix rates
  • Reduce travel and maintenance costs

The global DX expenditure of companies in discrete and process manufacturing industries will total more than $816 billion in 2025.

Why manufacturing companies need accelerated innovation

With constantly evolving technologies, we are experiencing the most advanced version of everything around us today. This continuous evolvement has automatically set the standards high for every industry. This is especially true for the manufacturing sector as it shapes every new concept by transforming it into a reality.

With the help of the latest advent in technology, the industry can accelerate innovation and open the door to enormous business opportunities. It provides a solution to almost every problem that the industry faces and helps manufacturers stay more efficient than their competitors. This makes it necessary for manufacturing companies to align with the changing market demands.

For example, manufacturing companies can achieve greater productivity, increase asset uptime, attain better cross-organizational collaboration, etc. This results in higher revenue generation and reduced costs. It also enables companies to be more agile in catering to the market needs and delivering better products.

The manufacturing industry faces several challenges, a few of which are:

IMTS 2022 event

The year 2022 is witnessing the 33rd edition of IMTS in North America. This event will offer solutions to manufacturers to address the challenges that the manufacturing industry is still facing. Softweb Solutions takes this opportunity to showcase some of the prime solutions that we have developed for this sector. The implementation of these solutions provides better collaboration, increased productivity, higher ROI, enhanced quality and improved flexibility for the manufacturing domain.

To experience the strength of innovative equipment, software and products, associate with our industry experts at the tradeshow. Attending the event will help you realize the efficiencies of transformative technologies to take new initiatives. This way, you can take your manufacturing enterprise to another level of success.

Connect with our representatives at booth #135464 to see live demos of our manufacturing solutions

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