Why marketers should migrate to Sitecore Forms Why marketers should migrate to Sitecore Forms

The all-new Sitecore Forms is here to stay and supersede WFFM

The all-new Sitecore Forms is here to stay and supersede WFFM
Author : Binny Vyas   Posted :

Sitecore recently made an announcement stating that Sitecore 9.1 version will no longer support Web Forms For Marketers (WFFM), as they want to prioritize the development of Sitecore Forms – a new application to design forms. Therefore, it makes complete sense for marketers to migrate WFFM to Sitecore Forms, as it is the new pre-requisite.

Sitecore 9.1 comes with significant advancements in marketing, data, automation and customer experience management. However, for many marketers, the decision to upgrade can be challenging, especially if their current build is stable and daily operations are running smoothly.

Here are five outstanding features of Sitecore Forms which prove why marketers should migrate to Sitecore Forms, without giving a second thought.

Create and manage forms easily

Sitecore Forms offers a new and intuitive drag-and-drop interface which makes form creation as easy as pie. Marketers can choose several elements such as text fields, lists, and checkboxes to build any form. In short, creating forms using Sitecore Forms is quick as lightning.

Sitecore Forms not only provides you with the ability to create new forms but also manage your existing forms easily. With a single click, you can sort and delete forms, it’s that convenient.

Conveniently design multi-steps forms

Developing a multistep form has become easier with Sitecore Forms and it can be done in just a few clicks. You can quickly design multi-steps, add navigation icons and allow your users to move between the steps. This feature is specifically useful for marketers when they want to build registration or survey forms in less time.

Announced further time-to-time progress

You will find Sitecore Forms to have slightly less features compared to WFFM, but there’s no need to be disappointed as Sitecore will push advanced features very soon. Perhaps in the next Sitecore version, they will release some exciting enhancements. One such iconic feature to look forward to is conditional logic. This feature will enable you with an option to hide or display field elements based on the user input. For instance, you can display a list of US regions when the user selects ‘USA’ from a list of countries.

Performance reporting

Sitecore Forms brings you amazing analytics view of the forms. Using the performance reporting feature marketers can track how many visitors have viewed specific forms and how many left the browser without filling the form. Moreover, you can go one step further and drill into your data to evaluate which fields are difficult for the user to fill in. Sitecore Forms counts the abandonment rate, average time spent and error field in the form. Therefore, you can gain quick insights to rectify your forms for better optimization.

Create customized form templatesMarketers can create new customized templates without the help of a developer and save these templates. Not just that, but you can also modify and style your template designs accordingly. This ability will save marketers a lot of time.

The final say
The new Sitecore 9.1 will not be supporting WFFM anymore. Marketers who are planning to kick-start their Sitecore journey should consider migrating to version 9.1 for better advantages of Sitecore Forms. If you need more information on Sitecore migration, raise your query to our experts.

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