iOS 9 Review - Amazing features that will change user experience

iOS 9 review – Amazing features that will change user experience

iOS 9 review - Amazing features that will change user experience
Author : Rajat Chauhan   Posted :

On September 16, 2015, Apple announced the launch of the most awaited software update iOS 9. They say that “the only thing that is changed is everything” at their mega-launch event at San Francisco.
It’s been eight years since Apple is giving us regular updates on iOS. Now they’ve come-up with the most proactive and multitasking Operating System iOS 9in the entire history of Apple. iOS 9 is available as a free update for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users.
Apple has packed a couple of new performance features which enhances your system’s battery life with iOS 9. If you are like me battery obsessed, no need to worry about the battery life, iOS 9 has already worked on that and come up with lucrative feature. Low Power Mode will give you three hours extra battery. Now, it makes a perfect gadget combination if you are on a long day picnic into the wild or at some music festival.
Another mesmerizing feature Apple introduced this time is the 3D Touch in the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, which enables things like extra shortcuts on app icons by pressing harder. It gives an ability to peek into your mails before they open fully.
Finally, it is out and available for downloading and installation. It makes iOS devices proactive and intelligent with powerful search and new improved Siri features. Let’s have a sneak-peek into the latest iOS9 updates:
Main highlights of iOS 9

  • Siri’s new improvements redefine iPhone User Experience (UX)
  • Major visual changes with the latest font and redesigned app switcher
  • The iPad is much more efficient than ever with iOS 9
  • Best ecosystem with high performance



Now, let’s drill down into the main features of iOS 9.
Proactive Assistance: This time Apple has added many skillful yet effective features to iOS 9. Spotlight suggests you with apps and contacts based on what you are doing and where you are. For instance, Spotlight may suggest some movies to watch when you are at home and business applications when you are at the office. How smart, intuitive, and proactive it is?
Also, you’ll be amazed with the fact that Siri has finally learned to recognize your voice. Now you can efficiently teach Siri your voice.
Spotlight: It seems like that Apple is making smartphones smarter and it starts with Spotlight. Now users can call up the search screen by pulling down on the home screen or by swiping to the left of your first home screen. Previously, it was showing the most recent contact, whereas now it shows you the most relevant contacts from the entire contact list.
But, the pro-activeness of your device with iOS 9 doesn’t stop here! In Mail and Calendar, iOS suggests events with names and recipients based on your past events and emails. Calendar also tells you when it’s time to leave for the next meeting with flight and reservation suggestions.
Also, Apple has announced that the indexable content will be available through third-party applications for searching the right content. You can also jump directly to the right content and that too from your home screen. How amazing is this!
iPad Multitasking: Unlike the past, Apple has loaded iPad device with the greatest iOS features. Meanwhile, Apple wants to differentiate iPad device in comparison with the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. Hence, there are there different iPad-exclusive multitasking features in iOS 9.

  • Slide-over feature lets you open a different app on the same screen in a drawer-like interface. You can send a quick message and check your email while doing something else.
  • Split-view is another great feature, which allows you run two applications side by side. You can copy from one app and paste it to another one. And this Split View is only available on the iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4 and iPad Pro due to the memory requirements.
  • Apple has added picture in picture video playback, which allows doing something else on your iPad while watching a basketball game. It also supports FaceTime calls.

Content Blockers: This is the most-talked about feature in iOS 9 and specially in-ad blocker. There are many reasons why this feature makes sense. Ad blocker is already popular in OS X and people are already using ad-blocker in Safari and other browsers. So, it makes a lot of sense to bring this feature to iOS 9. As soon as you install ad-blocker to iOS, you will not see any ad in Safari. The new extensions allow you to block ads while surfing the mobile web.
Ultimately, blockers promise to protect user privacy and fast browsing with less data usage. They work like a third-party keyboard, whenever you download any app from the App Store, you can turn on the Content Blocker in the app setting.
Notes: This is a new feature, which lets users insert their photos, draw with their fingers, add maps, and create lists with rich-text features. With iCloud sync Notes app now stands in the line of Evernote and Microsoft’s OneNote. The Notes app is loaded with embeddable photos and new drawing tools.
Photos App: Finally and the first time ever iOS 9 allows you to select multiple photos at once, just tap ‘Select’, you can hold and drag to select multiple  pictures.
News: Apple has got a brand new application for Apple News. Apple has already signed with many partners and publishers. Apple’s News app introduces a whole new and fast way to read in well formatted News on your iPhone or iPad tablet. Overall, Apple has simplified News and it seems like an easy-to-use RSS reader.
Apple Pay: Apple brings some new features to Apple Pay. Passbook app is now known as Wallet and you can store your rewards cards in it. The habit of storing these loyalty cards gives you power to use Wallet for coffee and snacks. Doesn’t this sound great?
Maps: Apple Maps now has gotten quite good and useful. In another words Apple Maps doesn’t sucks anymore and work much better than its previous versions. In the latest Maps feature search has been greatly improved, and it includes transit directions. Also, Apple has allowed Apple Maps to link with the third party apps like Google Maps for transit directions. And this is probably due to a lack of any native app Apple has taken a back shot and allowed it to link with
3rd party apps like Google Maps etc.
Although Maps has undergone a major improvement, some may still find it not up to mark compared to transit apps such as CityMapper.
Security: The company has taken some measures to improve security resulting in submitting 6 digit passwords which is a new norm for iOS users. It seems that security is the prime concern for Apple as it should be when you can do everything with your smartphone device from shopping to watching movies and other business related tasks. Apple is also trying to push people switch to two-factor authentication.
Design Changes: There is more than one change in the design and these changes make iOS more polished and lucrative. Now the default font is San Francisco, and this was designed for the Apple Watch by Apple. It’s more readable and I don’t want to switch back to Helvetica Niue.
The app switcher has been redesigned and it looks like vertical Safari tabs.
App Switcher: Apple has released iOS 9 with a full app switching guide app and that too with an Android application called ‘Move To iOS”! It allows you transfer all your data from Android phone to the new iPhone device.
iOS 9 is compatible with iPhone 4S to the latest iPhone versions and iPad 2 and up. Experience the next-gen operating system on your Apple mobile devices.
Like a wild cat, iOS 9 looks small on the surface but really adds a lot more meaningful digital experience overall to the Apple users. If you have an iPhone or iPad, don’t wait anymore. Just download iOS 9 and start exploring iOS 9 amazing features and functionalities.

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