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Human Resource Management Made Easy with our HR Mobility App

Human resource management (HRM) is indeed a significant part of any organization’s workflow, no matter how big or small. With mobile solutions for HRM, administrative operations are simplified and made more robust. Our HR mobility app intends to provide HR managers with a wide range of options to maintain employee log and perform/assign various tasks.
Major features of the HR mobility app that increase overall efficiency of HRM are:

  • Time-sheet management
  • Expense reporting
  • Leave management
  • Substitution management
  • Recruitment management
  • Employee look-up

All of the aforementioned features help HR professionals in maintaining employee attendance and log time, number of working hours, monitor leave scenario, fetch employee information, track overall expenses, carry on substitution management, get some help in the recruitment process, assess and update employee policies, address employee queries, etc. Along with the ability to provide a ton of features, this collaborative tool is also cost effective solution for human resource management and provides complete security to organizational data.

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