Revolutionize your HR strategy with HR data analytics dashboards

Our HR data analytics dashboards are built on the Microsoft Power BI platform. These dashboards offer a comprehensive solution for unlocking critical HR insights to drive strategic decision-making.

Encourage HR professionals to embrace data-driven insights for talent acquisition, management, and retention. Our dashboards help boost ROI and facilitate leadership in creating more productive and engaging workplaces.

HR dashboard examples

Executive summary dashboard

The executive summary dashboard provides a concise snapshot of critical information for top-level decision-makers, facilitating informed choices.

Executive summary dashboard
Overview dashboard

Overview dashboard

The overview dashboard offers a comprehensive glimpse of essential data, aiding in quick and informed decision making.

Demographics dashboard

Our demographic dashboard provides essential workforce composition data, offering insights into diversity and inclusion strategies.

Demographics dashboard
Diversity dashboard

Diversity dashboard

The diversity dashboard provides a detailed analysis of workforce diversity, helping organizations track and enhance their inclusivity efforts.

Awards dashboard

The awards dashboard showcases achievements and recognitions within the organization, highlighting excellence and fostering motivation.

Awards dashboard
Open position dashboard

Open position dashboard

The open position dashboard offers real-time job vacancy roles, streamlining the recruitment process and workforce planning.

Filled position dashboard

The filled position dashboard monitors the filling of open positions of your organization. It also offers insights into hiring efficiency and time-to-fill metrics.

Filled position dashboard
Termination dashboards

Termination dashboards

Termination dashboards aggregate and analyze employee termination data to identify trends, causes, and potential areas for improvement in employee retention.

Compensation dashboards

Compensation dashboards provide real-time insights into employee compensation data, enabling informed decisions about pay equity, salary benchmarking, and workforce cost optimization.

Compensation dashboards
Hiring dashboards

Hiring dashboards

Hiring dashboards track and analyze the hiring process, providing insights into candidate sourcing, assessment, and selection efficiency.

Forecasting dashboards

Forecasting dashboards enhance decision making by leveraging historical data to predict future outcomes and customizing insights for goal tracking and risk identification.

Forecasting dashboards

Unlock data-driven HR decisions today

Operational reporting

  • Onboarding
  • Hiring
  • Turnover

Advanced analytics

  • Acquisition
  • Performance
  • Forecasting

AI-enabled insights

  • Attrition
  • Optimization
  • Inclusion

Centralize your workforce data

Effortlessly consolidate and analyze workforce data, breaking down departmental silos to streamline operations. Our HR dashboard simplifies the process, providing insights to address the most critical HR challenges given below.

  • Workplace management
  • Employee retention
  • Optimizing attrition rates
  • Enhance recruitment
  • Staffing analysis
  • Track the problem sections

Workplace management

Simplify workplace oversight: Gain a comprehensive view of your organization to manage day-to-day operations more effectively.

  • Track attendance, leave, and performance metrics in real-time.
  • Streamline scheduling and optimize resource allocation effortlessly.

Employee retention

Boost retention strategies: Identify factors influencing turnover and take targeted actions to keep your best talent.

  • Analyze employee engagement levels and satisfaction indicators.
  • Identify factors influencing turnover and take proactive steps.

Optimizing attrition rates

Reduce attrition: Leverage data-driven insights to optimize attrition rates and proactively address potential issues.

  • Analyze exit interview data to pinpoint reasons for attrition.
  • Implement retention strategies based on attrition patterns identified.

Enhance recruitment

Streamline hiring: Optimize recruitment processes, making them more efficient and effective at attracting top talent.

  • Track time-to-fill roles and cost-per-hire metrics.
  • Evaluate candidate fit based on data-driven insights.

Staffing analysis

Rightsize your workforce: Make informed decisions regarding staffing levels, ensuring optimal resource allocation.

  • Identify skill gaps and plan for training and development initiatives.
  • Ensure optimal resource allocation based on staffing analysis.

Track the problem sections

Identify HR challenges: Quickly spot and address areas of concern or improvement, enhancing overall HR performance.

  • Monitor and address issues related to performance, compliance, or workflow bottlenecks.
  • Proactively tackle areas affecting employee productivity and satisfaction.

Leverage the potential of HR dashboards

HR dashboards are your pathway to transforming your HR department’s data management. Say goodbye to scattered spreadsheets and embrace the power of data-driven insights. Here’s what our HR data analytics dashboard can do for your HR team:

Combine and track critical workforce metrics, simplifying HR tasks and saving precious time compared to traditional paper methods.
Uncover patterns that optimize your recruitment processes, ensuring the candidates are perfect fit for your roles and improving overall hiring quality.
Forecast future staffing requirements, ensuring your organization is prepared for upcoming business changes.
Optimize HR core activities and monitor processes like reviews, pay changes, and time-off requests from a central hub.
Understand the composition of your workforce and enhance inclusivity with a people analytics dashboard, fostering diversity and a sense of belonging.
Analyze the effects of HR programs and policies on factors like worker morale and productivity, enabling data-backed decisions.

Key HR metrics at your fingertips

  • Talent acquisition: Efficiently track the hiring process, monitor application sources, analyze cost-per-hire, and optimize recruitment channels for better sourcing.
  • Workforce planning: Anticipate future job openings and skill demands with forecasted openings. Proactively align staffing with your business’s evolving needs.
  • Performance: Track goal achievement for personal growth and role fulfillment. Promote competency development to optimize employee performance.
  • Compensation: Ensure fair compensation by comparing salaries to market rates. Maintain pay equity and allocate budget resources appropriately.
  • Attrition: Identify at-risk talent through exit surveys for targeted retention efforts. Address retention challenges directly to reduce turnover.
Key HR metrics at your fingertips

Frequently asked questions

What is an HR data analytics dashboard?

An HR data analytics dashboard is a software tool offering visual representations of HR data. It enables them to gain insights, monitor key performance indicators, and make data-driven decisions.

How can an HR data analytics dashboard benefit my organization?

It can benefit your organization by helping you streamline HR processes, improve decision-making, optimize workforce performance, enhance employee retention, and ensure compliance with HR regulations.

What data sources can be integrated into the HR data analytics dashboard?

HR data analytics dashboards can integrate data from various sources, including HR software systems, payroll systems, time and attendance systems, employee surveys, and more.

Is my data safe and secure with an HR data analytics dashboard?

Yes, efficient HR data analytics dashboards prioritize data security. We leverage platforms that offer encryption, access controls, and compliance with data protection regulations. For more details, you can contact us at

Do I need technical expertise to use an HR data analytics dashboard?

No, many HR data analytics dashboards are designed to be user-friendly and do not require advanced technical skills. Training and support are often provided for users.

How can I customize the dashboard to suit my organization’s needs?

Most HR data analytics dashboards allow customization. You can typically tailor the dashboard to display the specific metrics and insights that matter most to your organization.

Can an HR data analytics dashboard help with diversity and inclusion efforts?

Yes, many HR data analytics dashboards include features that can help monitor and improve diversity and inclusion by tracking workforce demographics and providing insights for more inclusive practices.

Is it possible to integrate an HR data analytics dashboard with other HR software we already use?

Yes, many HR data analytics dashboards offer integrations with popular HR software systems like Workday, SAP SuccessFactors, Oracle HCM, and more.

How can an HR data analytics dashboard help with talent acquisition?

HR data analytics dashboards can track key metrics such as time-to-hire, cost-per-hire, and recruitment channel effectiveness, helping you make more informed and efficient hiring decisions.

What kind of support and training are typically available when implementing an HR data analytics dashboard?

Most providers offer training resources, tutorials, and customer support to assist in the onboarding and effective use of the HR data analytics dashboard.

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