• The technique of extracting meaningful insights from the big data stored in the datasets of enterprises is known as data science. It has become the hottest technology trend for enterprises in the competition driven business world. Big organizations are continuously receiving huge amounts of data each day and yet they need some methods to manage and analyze this huge data to gain useful insights. Consequently, emerging technologies like Hadoop, Cassandra, and Apache Spark have changed the entire landscape of storing, analyzing and managing the big data. Simultaneously, businesses are looking for top data science talent they can put on their big data projects and that's why being a data scientist is considered to be the hottest job of the 21st century.

    With the growing competition, the task of finding a suitable data scientist has become quite tough. A data scientist helps businesses to design policies and define processes based on empirical evidence rather than fond hopes. In another words, a data scientist helps to create policies and processes based on facts found from stored data.