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The importance of testing cannot be understated. For every application or web service, whether on mobile or desktop, the need to assure its quality and effectiveness is primary. Our extensive development experience is complemented by our testing services, which make sure that the end result is always a fully functional and bug free experience for the user.

Our QA consulting is carried out in a context driven manner for customized, practical solutions to approach specific challenges. We provide in-depth quality assurance and software testing services to businesses, and are committed to the highest standards of quality in every project.

With our robust testing methodologies and a dedicated testing team, we cater to different industries that deploy applications within and/or outside of their organizations.

We ensure your application is fully-compliant with specific business requirements, be they:

  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Cloud

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Comprehensive Qa Services At Softweb Solutions

QA Testing

Discover the Power of QA Automation Testing Services

Today’s enterprise businesses are looking for promising technologies that can enhance user experience, while managing your business online presence efficiently. We compare few of the industry-leading tools that help shorten application development cycles, avoid inconvenient and repetitive tasks and eventually improve software quality.

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Key Elements for Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE)

A gradual approach from sharing processes to service utilities

Phase 1

Introduction to Standards & Governance Processes

  • Begin establishing fundamental policies around application testing
  • Decide on measurable quality standards
  • Define basic reporting procedures
  • Implement initial governance processes

Phase 2

Product and Test Infrastructure Utility

  • TCoE functions as a shared service
  • Consolidate costs of procuring testing tools, setting up and maintaining the test & staging environment
  • Training & certifying QA personnel

Phase 3

Service Utility

  • TCoE acts as a central source of services and expertise for entire organization
  • Includes test management offices, domain-specific expertise teams, shared service teams for specialized testing activities

Phase 4

Quality Innovation Authority & Flexible Resource Pool

  • TCoE functions as a service provider to project teams
  • Offers testing resources, methodology, tools, expertise and governance for testing of applications and cross-functional business processes

Qa Process At Softweb

Microsoft Test Environment With Visual Studio

  • MStest Framework – Execute unit tests created in Visual Studio
  • Coded UI Automation – Verify correct functioning of app and UI
  • Load Testing – Determine how well your app responds to various levels of usage
  • Microsoft Test Manager – Records actions, screenshots, logs and diagnostic data
  • Test Lab – See all components and configuration steps on front-end and back-end


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Automation tools we work with

  • Selenium Web Driver

    Selenium Web Driver

  • QTP / UTF

    QTP / UTF

  • Appium


  • JIRA


  • SpecFlow


  • JMeter



  • Load Runner

    Load Runner

  • Instruments


  • Android Monitor

    Android Monitor