Why is customer experience management very important? Why is customer experience management very important?

Geo-fencing to take retail customer experience to the next level

Geo-fencing to take retail customer experience to the next level
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Needless to say, regular and effective communication with retail shoppers can prove rewarding for businesses; however, the old customer experience model is no longer effective in 2015. Retailers need to think beyond traditional ways to communicate with the new breed of customers. Today, customers are tech savvy and have been using smartphones since childhood. And providing a good customer experience management can put your business on top.

Why is customer experience management so important today?

Customer experience is all about the customers’ viewpoint. The market is highly competitive and many of the shops offer the same or similar products as you do. On top of that, almost anything is available online. In such a scenario, one of the most important things for a retailer to look after is ‘customer experience’.

While tech innovations are reshaping the retailer customer experience today, one just can’t ignore ‘geo-fencing’. It is amongst the most exciting new technologies available to retailers, which is now quickly becoming a standard in marketing toolkits. To increase your marketing ROI and improve customer experience, retailers need to deliver the right message, at the right time, in the right place. Advertising through mobile applications is not a new thing, but the location-based targeted ads and promotions will take retail customer experience to the next level.

Location based mobile marketing with geo-fencing

Geo-fencing is a thrilling new technology that allows retailers to send notifications and promotional messages to smartphone users within a specific geographic location. While mobile is growing faster than all other digital advertising formats, geo-fencing is a new vehicle for marketers to deliver highly targeted advertising and promotions. There are many digital marketing solutions available in the market, which leverage geo-fencing and allow retailers to specify the area to take immediate action or gain customer insight. Marketers can decide which immediate action needs to be taken as the customer enters the specified area.

Softweb Solutions brings smart retail solutions for proximity marketing using beacons and geo-fencing, which help retailers to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined target audience. Here’s how you can put them to work:

Engage your customers better

Geo-fencing and beacon technology collectively can be a great way to reach out and engage your customers in new and amazing ways. You can use geo-fencing and behavioral targeting around competitive locations to deliver promotional deals and coupons on the mobile devices.

Grow sales, even if your store is closed

Retailers often lose their business while moving their business to a new location. You can use geo-fencing around the recently closed location and lead patrons to your new operative location.

Send reminders

You can use geo-fencing to promote the time-sensitive products or services by reminding customers to take action at the right time.

Get better insights

Geo-fencing and location-based marketing also provide you with demographic information that improves your decision making and helps you increase ROI.

Bottom line

Geo-fencing is transforming digital marketing in retail in a big way. It enables retailers to market to customers in personal, contextual and more relevant ways through their mobile devices. Providing your customers with the right message, at the right time, when they’re just around the corner will lead to frictionless user experience, which directly improves customer satisfaction, retention, and engagement.

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