The Significance of ServiceNow for Modern Enterprise The Significance of ServiceNow for Modern Enterprise

The significance of ServiceNow and its business value for modern enterprises

The significance of ServiceNow and its business value for modern enterprises
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Enterprises today need a more robust platform that can support businesses. This is because many service platforms lack the ability to deliver the quality of IT services that an enterprise demands and they even fail to drive productivity gains.

For such business challenges, ServiceNow integration management is a powerful solution as it provides significant value to modern enterprises, allowing them to operate faster and become more scalable than ever before.

Let’s look at some of the core benefits of ServiceNow that adds impeccable business value for enterprises:

IT staff productivity gains with ServiceNow

The IT Service Automation (ITSM) suite of ServiceNow directly results in IT staff efficiencies and increased staff productivity. Enterprises should definitely capture this substantial value of ServiceNow in their IT operations. With ServiceNow, your IT teams can add more value to your business by enabling business growth, offering improved IT scalability, and acquiring easy integrations with other entities.
ServiceNow delivers a single platform that allows you to build a single system with a record of your IT needs. This feature will enable your enterprise to integrate previously disjointed operations, create new robust and reliable workflows, and adopt suitable ITSM practices. These types of improvements will also allow your IT team to work efficiently and save time for innovations and help your IT teams to better establish themselves as partners in the lines of business they support.
Improved IT operations will bring benefits for customers as well and bring efficiencies in the areas of change management, problem management, and release management. Enterprises can benefit from higher user acceptance, by leveraging custom applications and ServiceNow integration capabilities that can provide better IT services.

Minimizing the burden of risk with ServiceNow

ServiceNow is a robust platform for IT and other LOB operations that are aimed at minimizing various risk factors. ServiceNow is a reliable platform for your enterprise which is based on several factors such as the consolidated nature of the platform, single-instance architecture, security of customer data in ServiceNow’s enterprise-oriented cloud services, compliance with industry standards, and readily available information about incidents and changes.
With ServiceNow, you can prepare for audits by leveraging automation and traceable data that can save your enterprise a huge amount of time that is spent during preparations. You can easily eliminate tedious time-consuming processes and complexities of complying with audit requirements.
Additionally, ServiceNow’s IT Governance, Risk and Compliance application will help you meet documenting requirements during the audit. Your enterprise can largely benefit from this application as well as lower the costs that are usually associated with hiring external auditors.

Higher employee productivity with ServiceNow

The capabilities of ServiceNow management contributes in delivering smooth IT services for higher productivity including reusing of validated information through ServiceNow Knowledge Base application and similar repeatable processes.
Additionally, ServiceNow allows enterprises to deliver their services using the interfaces such as ServiceNow Service Catalog which is user-friendly and accessible, supported by automated workflows which can be easily used by employees to utilize the service platform. This will increase the overall efficiencies of employees and eliminate time for errors and follow-up efforts.

Lower IT infrastructure costs with ServiceNow

Adopting the ServiceNow platform as a business application has enabled enterprises to withdraw from other legacy platforms and ITSM solutions. Clients have so far reported that ServiceNow has helped them minimize their dependency on outsourced IT services and reduce costs, leveraging both benefits of cost savings and helping them to prioritize in-house IT services that can help in driving their business to the next level.
Enterprises can also adopt ServiceNow as a cloud-based solution to start saving on costs related to datacenters. They can also opt for the cloud solution to benefit from reclaiming servers, avoid software costs, and save IT team’s time which can be better spent in supporting business innovation. Enterprises can leverage ServiceNow products to manage their own platform more reliably, resulting in reduced operating costs.
Take away
Automation of IT service management is essential for any enterprise to effectively deliver their services in increasingly competitive environments. Business leaders better understand the potential business value of service management as it results in maximizing productivity and increased ability to engage B2B and B2C.
Adopting ServiceNow business application is the ultimate solution for any enterprise that wishes to immediately start saving on IT infrastructure in terms of cost reduction of license, hardware and software upgrades as well as outsourcing costs.
ServiceNow will allow enterprises to work with different technologies and flexibly select and migrate to cloud solutions. If you wish to be consulted on ServiceNow migration and integration services for your enterprise, please contact our ServiceNow team.

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