Find out the true potential of Salesforce Einstein AI features Find out the true potential of Salesforce Einstein AI features

Find out why Salesforce Einstein AI features have bursting potential

Find out why Salesforce Einstein AI features have bursting potential
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Salesforce Einstein is a form of artificial intelligence (AI) created to accommodate customer success platforms. As the name goes, Salesforce Einstein platform, a question may arise in your mind – How does Salesforce Einstein resemble the great man aside from his name? The answer is a big Yes, they are both scientists. Unlike the remarkable leader who was a scientist of space and time, Salesforce Einstein is a scientist of data analysis and data mining.

Integrate powerful AI capabilities to your sales, service, app, platform and marketing, allowing users to create Salesforce Einstein AI-powered apps with just a few clicks. We will go over the primary features of the Salesforce Einstein platform in this blog post.

  • Make your predictions and recommendations with a few clicks
  • Leverage predictive insights for any app or data records
  • Integrate AI into every workflow and business process to operationalize it
  • Provide relevant data to your sales rep or the sales team in proper context

Three major segmentations of Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein AI consists of three major segments including:

  • Machine learning (ML) that uses historical data to predict what will happen in the future of business and customers.
  • Natural language processing (NLP) to find linguistic patterns to answer questions, respond to requests as well as identify conversations about your brand across the web.
  • Computer vision to identify visual pattern identification and data processing to track your products and brand, recognize text in images and much more. Let’s have a walk-through of these three segments.

1. Machine Learning

From basic predictive recommendations such as auto-complete texts to more complex machine learning drives Einstein’s key features. It can offer intelligent insights into the sales process. Let’s look at some features empowered in Salesforce Einstein Platform through machine learning algorithm:

Salesforce Einstein Discovery – Experience boost in productivity and discover relevant patterns in all your data, no matter inside or outside your Salesforce platform. You can also benefit from AI insights and recommendations to challenging issues. Not only that, but when measuring sales performance with Einstein Discovery in Salesforce, you can take actions based on your findings without leaving Salesforce.

Prediction builder – Aren’t you interested to forecast business outcomes? A prediction builder helps you find business outcomes; such as churn or lifetime value. Additionally, you can also create a custom AI model on the Salesforce field or objects with clicks, without any coding. It’s that simple!

Einstein next best action – This shows your employees and consumers with proven recommendations right in the apps where they work. You can use it to generate recommendations, action strategies, prediction models, show recommendations, and trigger automation.

2. Natural Language Processing

NLP takes advantage of AI to help you with communication capabilities. It will uplift your business with efficient growth while maximizing your Salesforce Einstein AI capabilities. Here’s what to expect:

Einstein language – It delivers organizations with the ability to understand how customers feel, automatically route inquiries and streamline workflows accordingly. Conveniently build NLP capabilities into your apps and it will classify the underlying intent and sentiment in a text body, regardless of any language.

Einstein Bots – You gain the aptness to easily build, train and deploy custom bots on digital channels that are connected to your CRM data. This results in enhancing business processes, empowering your employees as wells as delighting your customers.

3.Computer Vision

Computer vision is probably less well-known when compared with machine learning and natural language processing. You can process images with computer vision and enable it to interpret visuals and comprehend what it’s seeing using this form of AI. Interestingly, it is one of the many technological breakthroughs that enable AI digital tools to process and obtain insights for several data points.

Einstein Vision – Using Einstein vision, you will get to view the full scope of conversations about your brand on social media and elsewhere. Train your deep learning models to detect your brand, products and more in your apps to use image recognition.



Get started with Einstein Discovery using Tableau

It’s exciting news for all! Do you know that the latest version of Tableau will make use of Salesforce Einstein AI capabilities? The 2021.1 release will introduce a new class of AI-powered analytics – Tableau Business Science. Growing organizations like yours will now be able to make powerful predictions and recommendations to drive decisions faster. In summary, here are three ways to use Einstein Discovery’s core machine learning engine in Tableau, all of which need no coding:

Einstein in Tableau calculations: Tableau’s computation engine now includes Einstein Discovery. It’s as simple as adding a calculated field with the new Salesforce Einstein Discovery connection type to use the prediction feature.

Einstein Discovery dashboard extension: To improve expected outcomes, Tableau dashboards can be augmented with Einstein Discovery forecasts, explanations and ideas. Anyone who sees the visualization will get a glimpse of the future and also further suggested actions.

Bulk scoring and predictive insights: Easily incorporate a prediction step in your prep flow and start experiencing improvements into your data set in bulk.

Using these popular integrations, you will not only be able to comprehend your organization’s historical data but can also build the future through today’s decisions.

Get more out of Einstein analytics

To fully utilize Salesforce Einstein features, it’s best to integrate any external data points and revolutionize your CRM platform. At Softweb Solutions, we know how to make the most of sales AI tools to help you with outcome-based data to find a solution for your problems. Check out our suite of Salesforce implementation services if you wish to get started.

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