How to transform task process using ServiceNow intelligence agent How to transform task process using ServiceNow intelligence agent

AI at the centre: ServiceNow’s AI is transforming task processes for businesses

AI at the centre: ServiceNow's AI is transforming task processes for businesses
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ServiceNow’s Agent Intelligence offers unique automation capabilities to modern service organizations that want to leverage customer data for decision making. ServiceNow’s Intelligent Automation Engine is geared to automate various multiple tasks, incidents, and cases with the aim to eliminate outdated processes and enable organizations to transform how they work.

What is Agent Intelligence?

Agent Intelligence is one of the components of ServiceNow Intelligent Automation Engine that utilizes machine learning capabilities to create and train the solutions leveraged from a customer’s historical data from ServiceNow database. These solutions are further used to predict a ticket’s field values specifically for incident records, case management records and more.
By adopting these solutions, organizations can unlock the value achieved in unique data sets. With the help of Agent Intelligence they can learn from past patterns and automatically determine the category, priority and task group based on the description of the task ticket. These trained solutions have the potential to accelerate the speed and efficiency of any company.

How does Agent Intelligence work?

Agent Intelligence uses machine learning techniques based on pattern recognition. It leverages large volumes of data to create models that are suitable to the text found in input and output data. Agent Intelligence also provides templates for the users, once they identify the input and output data based on strong correlations. These pre-defined templates are featured with ticket categorization, prioritization, and assignment based on the text used to describe the customer interaction. These templates are also applied to incident records of IT Service Management and Customer Service Management. Additionally, the user can also create new models using ServiceNow table.
Here’s a diagram that shows the working of the model in steps:
servicenow Model


Let’s have a look at the four components of Agent Intelligence that will help us to understand how tasks can be processed:

1. Automatic Categorization

Thanks to the power of machine learning, which helps to automatically categorize tasks, incidents, and cases based on the user’s ticket description. Agent Intelligence learns from the historical data and applies the learning to new tasks, incidents, and cases almost instantly. This automatic categorization results in an improved experience of accuracy and productivity, where the first-time predictions for the correct task are generated in an easy and accurate way.

2. Automatic Routing

Automatic Routing is about directing the tasks automatically to the correct user based on a short description and routes the requests instantly with fewer errors. This can help organizations to eliminate the bottlenecks generated by manual triggers and increase customer satisfaction.

3. Automatic Prioritization

The Automatic Prioritization is aimed to automate the prioritized cases ensuring the business-critical issues get resolved first. The machine learning capabilities instore in Agent Intelligence help to understand the priority of the issue based on the short description by the user and result in eliminating manual prioritization of cases.

4. Dashboard and Reporting

Access the real-time insights while categorizing, routing and configuring data using the role-based dashboards. The built-in metrics give immediate feedback on accuracy and helps to monitor the ongoing activity for continual improvement. This will allow you to see results at a glance and stay on top.
ServiceNow’s Agent Intelligence is laying an essential foundation for the future, where increasing workloads can be easily managed and importantly allowing modern service organizations to operate in a world of multiple connected devices. If you wish to leverage ServiceNow integration services for your business, speak to our experts.

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