Magento e-commerce platform to enhance customer engagement and loyalty Magento e-commerce platform to enhance customer engagement and loyalty

Magento e-commerce platform to enhance customer engagement

Magento e-commerce platform to enhance customer engagement
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Magento and e-commerce – these two popular terms have been complementing each other so much that now it has become very difficult to separate e-commerce development from Magento. Magento offers extensive enterprise experience to store owners. The useful features of Magento truly empower the users. Now what makes it more interesting for e-commerce store owners is that it has some interesting features to create ultimate customer loyalty. Some of the more relevant Magento features that can ensure customer loyalty and engagement are described below:

Reward points systems

In modern e-commerce practice, building customer loyalty is very important. Big companies have been using these tactics to keep their customers glued to their brand, especially by providing them with reward points system. It is easier to set and manage points with Magento. Magento’s point system is built in such a way that helps to earn points every time the customer makes a purchase. It helps the store owners to create their own points-based customer loyalty program for e-commerce business to encourage the customer to spend more on the next order.

The owner can reward the customers with anything they would like as Magento allows extensive customization. The store can give customized offers to the customer which would ensure an effective outcome. The customer would enjoy using point slider to change spending points. Also, the customer would get rewards from referring friends, buying things using shareable links which will have email invites options as well as share buttons for social platforms. In short, we can say that reward points systems is a guaranteed way to promote an e-commerce store and increase the customer engagement.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards, being one of the most impressive Magento extensions, lets customers purchase gift cards and send them to friends through email or post office. For e-commerce store owners, this has become extremely useful in sales and promotion as they can help the customer to create unlimited number of gift cards. With this extension, generating gift cards and uploading gift card codes have become quite easier for the users.

The customers can customize the cards as per their wish. There are unique and out-of-the box card templates which make both the e-commerce owner and the customers experiment with them. Keeping track of all purchased gift certificates is easy with this distinguished feature. Needless to say, this option can create lot of interest in customers as there is something that they can do with it and can enjoy. Here, we expect high customer engagement.

Customer store credits

If the focus of the store is to engage the customers effectively, store credit systems is one good way to go. Many stores want to have store credit facility and Magento’s store credit program lets them to handle it professionally. The customer would be more captivated because the extension allows a direct involvement with their ability to check their credit balance, transaction history, etc., anytime. They have the ultimate freedom of utilizing this credit on tax, shipping fees or send it to others.

What make the store owner happy is that they have many useful options. They can set minimum and maximum amount of credit that customer may spend on order by fixed amount or percentage of order value. The credit program will automatically restore, add, or subtract as per the customer actions. The admin can activate customer email notification options on frontend and can automatically send notifications to the customer regarding their upgraded balance or credits sent to them.

Magento customer credit extension would help the store owner to find new heights in terms of customer loyalty. It bestows the customer with the ability to make free of charge purchase from the money available in their rechargeable account. The customers or the admin of the website can load the money with the help of a recharge code. Even if it is a multi-website entity, the admin can manage the balance of the customers for each website independently.

Store credit is surely a convenient and time saving payment method for the customers. The customer interaction goes up with the help of adding credit or refunding customers by credit. At the end of it, if you want to take stock of the effectiveness of your store credit program, you have detailed report available which will let you know how effective your program is going. The extension is pretty much useful in every sense as it supports multiple stores, is easy to install and configure, and has a user-friendly interface.

Gift registries

How Gift Registries can enhance the customer engagement? This extension has been developed for Magento based store owners. It triggers your sales growth by allowing the buyers to create gift list in your store. Customer engagement can go to a newer height if your customers are able to create a gift list for different occasions. The shoppers can create various gift lists which are occasion specific like birthdays, weddings, etc. Customers can set priority, date, comments, address, add gift from other registries, track status of the items, and view pending items. Other than these, the search option works well for anybody. Also the users can protect their gift registry with a password.

By implementing the gift functionality in the store, the visiting customers will enjoy the ability to create a gift list or wish list and share it with their friends and family from other social media platforms.


Building up customer engagement and loyalty has become really easy with these exceptional features of Magento which not only strengthen the e-commerce business through more customer engagement, but also allow them to experiment on expanding their business. These features are uniquely made to help the store owners implement their own ideas to woo their customers. Once they have a revamped website utilizing these amazing capabilities of Magento, they realize customer engagement can actually be done easily!

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