Magento 2 migration issues & easy ways to solve them

Some common issues in Magento 2 migration & easy ways to solve them

Some common issues in Magento 2 migration & easy ways to solve them
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E-commerce is a crucial source of driving business and Magento is one of the most popular open e-commerce systems in the network that has enabled companies to build an unwavering online presence for their businesses. Magento has immense potential to help them create endless digital commerce experiences.

Magento has been continuously improved to support marketers ever since its release. And with the release of its latest version Magento 2.3.3, this platform has got some revolutionary enhancements that are extremely valuable for online business. This certainly calls for a quick migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 platform

Having an idea of the hurdles that stand ahead along with ways to overcome them can help you prepare yourself for the journey. However, with the help of a Magento 2 migration service provider, you can avoid the trouble and experience a hassle-free migration.

Here is a list of some Magento 2 data migration issues along with their solutions

1. Drop in your website’s speed
Migration takes a lot of time, but it doesn’t mean that you have to shut down your business for that entire duration. You can continue to operate your business in its usual course, while you migrate to Magento2, but it will lower the speed of your website.

You can handle this in multiple ways, like:

a) Optimize your online store until you complete the migration by:

  • Improving time to first byte (TTFB)
  • Avoiding the use of JS Bundling
  • Considering a content delivery network (CDN) plan
  • Augmenting CSS delivery

b) Send your customers an intimation stating that you’re migrating your website and it will be a bit slow during that time. You can also mention that this is just a temporary thing and once the migration gets completed, they will get a much better customer experience (CX).

c) Plan and execute the migration of your website during off-season.

2. Unfavorable effects on your search engine rankings
Search engine ranking is everything that an online store depends upon; hence it is crucial to maintain it. Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 might have adverse effects on your search engine rankings. Each time a change occurs between crawls, it can negatively impact rankings. This might also happen while redesigning the store, adding duplicate content and changes in URLs. Ignoring these factors can lead to a disorganized migration, which can be harmful to your business.


With the help of the right Magento SEO consultant who has expertise and experience in numerous migration projects, these issues can be properly taken care of. This will not only save you from a lot of trouble, but it will also maintain your search engine rankings.

3. Theme compatibility
If you’re using a custom theme or extension(s) in your Magento store, then inconsistencies in their versions may result in poor user experience (UX) when you conduct a migration of your website to Magento 2. This is because the custom theme or extension(s) that you are using in Magento 1 might not exist in Magento 2.

You can find Magento 2 extension that fits well with your business requirements and is compatible with solving this issue.

4. Migration of crucial info and data
It is not easy to transfer all your customer data from Magento 1 to Magento 2. There are high chances of losing some data or misconfiguration of the setup in this process. You should make sure that all your users must be able to log in to their accounts with their existing credentials. Also, all your content, previous records of your customers’ orders and CMS pages must be transferred as they are.

Decide which data is crucial and migrate it first, after which, you can proceed in descending order of your priority. To avoid the trouble of messing with your data, you must take the help of a Magento migration service provider. This will ensure safe migration of your data without the risk of losing it and you’ll overcome the challenges of migration as well as save a lot of time.



A few benefits of migrating to Magento 2 are:

Better admin interface
The new admin panel is easy-to-use. It is optimized for various screen sizes and has more convenient product creation and management workflow and other features.

Magento 2 is designed to be responsive irrespective of the device that you use, may it be a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Fast page- loading speed
Magento 2 can process almost 40% more orders per hour, gives instant server response time for catalog browsing and offers faster load time for checkout.

Enhanced search
In Magento 2, ElasticSearch can be configured and customized with ease, which improves the search quality and speed of your entire store.

Separated database
Magento 2 provides independent databases to developers, admins and customers, including product data, checkout and orders.

The Magento upgrade service will help you to upgrade your Magento store at almost zero downtime and no data loss. Once you perform Magento 2 upgrade service, your Magento store can deliver you engaging user experience, greater conversion rate, simplified checkout process, reduction in the cart rejection rate, nominal extension integration time, etc.

The final say

The new version of Magento has been launched and marketers have already started migrating to the newer version. This journey is not easy and you’ll face numerous challenges. But, as discussed above, there are solutions to many of the migration issues which can help you achieve endless benefits that Magento 2. Thus, migrating to Magento 2 will help you enhance your customer experiences, strengthen your bond with your customers and transform your business. A Magento development service provider can help with strategizing, implementing, applying patches and hotfixes with industry-grade processes and best practices. To know more about migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2, you can talk to our experts.

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