Hackathon 2014 at Softweb Solutions results in innovative apps and products in just 24 hours

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Chicago, Illinois – The annual hackathon held by Softweb Solutions on Dec 19-20 turned out to be a huge show of innovation for the company with many innovative projects being completed in under 24 hours.
“All the teams submitted multiple ideas and we had a hard time deciding which particular project to greenlight.” says company President Ripal Vyas.
The camaraderie and team spirit were on full display in the way the employees worked. Employees from different departments paired up to form teams and coded throughout the night, with most teams having working prototypes by the end of 24 hours.
The product that created the most buzz was a home automation system based on the Raspberry Pi. The product, “Sol-Pi” allows users to control the lights in their homes. Once the light bulb is connected to the Sol-Pi, the user can turn it on and off with the Sol-Pi app that can run on any platform. The prototype can be extended to include every house appliance that is plugged in.
Another crowd favorite was the concept of a beacon replacement application called “Noti-Fi”. Noti-Fi has the potential to replace beacons since it utilizes the existing Wi-Fi network to identify the user’s indoor location.
Xamarin proved to be a popular development tool with one team able to whip up an Android app for retailers that works on geo-location. The app, “OfferMe” gives retailers the option to send offers to consumers whenever they pass by a store. The app can also be developed for Google Glass and Apple Watch.
Other interesting ideas included an auto data validation tool, a QR code based tracking app and a smart presenter that gives the user the ability to make presentations on computer screens from his smartphone.
The event was more than just developers pulling an all-nighter, with plenty of fun activities also arranged to make it a fun event. “The two things that stood out to me was how passionate our employees are about working on new technologies and how committed they are to seeing it to completion. All the guys really took ownership of their projects. They are already planning projects for the next hackathon.” adds Mr. Vyas.

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