Deep learning solutions for an oil and gas company

An oil and gas consulting firm faced challenges with and manual error-handling. Softweb Solutions provided automated error detection solution using YOLO algorithm. The client improved data accuracy and streamlined their workflows with our solutions.

  • Automation and accuracy of the error detection process
  • Cost savings by reducing the time and effort required for manual error detection

Maximizing manufacturing efficiency with data engineering

Softweb Solutions implemented Power BI for a top eco-friendly diaper manufacturer, resulting in significant improvements. The client could optimize their business operations, make informed decisions, and reduce costs, giving them a competitive advantage in the market. Some of the key outcomes:

  • Optimized business operations
  • Improved decision-making
  • Reduced costs
  • Competitive advantage in the market
  • Effective tracking of shipping charges and fines

Implementing data engineering solution for an EV charging station company

Softweb Solutions leveraged their advanced data analytics expertise to revolutionize the company’s EV charging station operations, resulting in greater efficiency and proactivity. The customer was able to optimize their operations and stay ahead of competitors in the rapidly expanding electric vehicle market.

  • Improved their efficiency and optimized their processes.
  • Increased proactivity to stay ahead of competitors.
  • Empowered to derive useful insights for well-informed decision-making.
  • Facilitated the acceleration of business digital transformation.

Built air quality monitoring app to shrink air pollution levels

Our mobile team deployed a bespoke mobile solution on the IoTConnect® platform to get the real-time data from the smart band and check the air quality index (AQI-generated) insights.

  • Identifies highly polluted areas and levels of pollution
  • Facilitates in assessing impacts caused by poor air quality on public health
  • Generates real-time alerts when the pollution level crosses a threshold value
  • Help to determine if a particular area is meeting the air quality standards

Accelerating product development with efficient DevOps implementation

DoubleCheck is a financial services provider based in the US. The company was looking for innovation solutions partner who addresses their infrastructure and development cycle challenges. Softweb Solutions offered infrastructure modernization with DevOps implementation.

  • Reduced downtime
  • Rapid development and deployment cycles
  • Agile operations

How we improved the usability of the university website

Read this portfolio to know how our digital transformation experts enhanced the user experience of the University of Pennsylvania’s website. Learn what we did during the perception and usability tests and how we figured out the need of an Apostrophe CMS. Through this portfolio, you will understand:

  • The importance of findability
  • The value of consistency in UI
  • The significance of workflow in UX design

Increasing enterprise-grade security with digital transformation

Our developers at Softweb created an app center empowered with advanced search functionality and different level of admin rights.

  • Efficient and streamlined app management
  • Easy-to-use-interface
  • Minimizes increased system reliability
  • Different admin layers for higher security

How legacy system modernization enabled Anderson + Wanca to work efficiently

Read this portfolio to know why and how Softweb Solutions developed FaxHelper, a software that solves all of Anderson + Wanca’s PDF-related issues. Anderson + Wanca is a law firm focusing on complex business class action litigation in state and federal courts across the United States. Through this portfolio, learn how we:

  • Enhanced the productivity of editing, annotation and online form filling
  • Improved the efficiency with which documents are filed and sorted
  • Provided superior authentication and security of documents

Cancer cell tissue detection using computer vision

The client is one of the forerunners in formulating a thorough understanding of chromosomal instability and its biological consequences into life-saving therapies. Softweb Solutions developed an innovative solution based on computer vision technology to deliver:

  • Tech-enhanced faster diagnosis
  • Automated accurate cancer cell detection
  • Almost error-proof diagnosis

Created an AR app for the seamless sales cycle of a manufacturing firm

Our team delivered a visual product configurator solution, the company can record perfect measurements and send the correct information to the sales team in real-time.

  • Accurate data
  • Better collaboration
  • Visualized 3D simulation
  • Real-time quote generation