Microsoft Office 365 Consulting Services

The online version of Microsoft’s Office productivity suite offers an array of services that enable businesses to embrace the cloud, eliminate dependencies, reduce on-premises costs, and increase collaboration.

The challenges arise as your business grows and your requirements change. Switching between subscription plans, integration of existing services, and customizing the Office 365 environment, can be a daunting task.

This is where our Office 365 consulting services can help you get the best out of your investment.

  • Make online meetings effortless
  • Bring landline users onto your Intranet
  • Ensure high security with Customer Lockbox
  • Prevent data loss with rules and custom policies
  • Empower your business with sought-after visualizations
  • Gain insights about user behavior with Delve Analytics
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5 Reasons for Manufacturers to Switch Over to Office 365

Manufacturers are always on the lookout for new methods when it comes to increasing the efficiency of their operations and reducing their overhead. Moving to Office 365 represents a low-hanging fruit in this regard. In this white paper, we will cover how the latest version of Office 365 is ideal for manufacturers because of the five key benefits that it offers.
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Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, and LDAP

Softweb Solutions offers directory integration services to integrate your on-premises AD, Azure AD, ADFS, LDAP, and Auth0 with Office 365 user accounts in the cloud. This will provide your Office 365 users with on-premises-like single sign-on behavior.

We can also help you integrate Office 365 with PowerApps that will help you with data sharing and fetch information quickly from any application of MS Office.

The advantage for you – reduced overhead because of the flexibility of a cloud-based service and the ease of an IT setup that works just the way it works on-premises.

PSTN Integration

Consolidate conferencing solutions and simplify operations while reducing complexity for people, reducing support costs for IT. Enable employees to work from anywhere with existing or new phone numbers.

Nintex Workflow for Office 365

Automate your processes by using Nintex Workflow. We can help you build Nintex workflows that can deliver Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents in Office 365 as well as connect your accounts to a host of cloud services.

Integration with Power BI

Visualizing your data was never this easy. Regardless of your current Office 365 subscription, we can help you to integrate Power BI into your existing plan, and empower the decision makers in your company.

Integration with 3rd Party Applications:

Integrate with line of business applications including – Microsoft Dynamics CRM online, QuickBooks, Project Online, Salesforce, RingCentral, Zoho CRM, and fetch information from external data sources – in your Office 365 environment.

Email Migration

Need to change your Office 365 plan? Migrate from one plan of Office 365 to another with utmost ease. You can even migrate from Exchange On-Premises, IBM Lotus, Google Apps & POP/IMAP Email to Exchange Online.

Transferring all your business email data to the cloud can be a hassle-free process with our email migration services. No matter which email service you are using, our email migration experts will ensure that all your data is secure and safely transferred to Office 365.

Migration of on-premises PBX to Cloud PBX

Make Office 365 your centralized hub to manage communications for users and eliminate separate PBX systems and transition to the cloud.

Migration from SharePoint On-Premise

Migrate from SharePoint On-Premise to SharePoint Online using our migration services and give your employees the ability to access company data from anywhere using their mobile devices.

User Migration

Whether you are migrating one service or many, user migration is unavoidable. We can help you move users to any plan for any service, and relieve you of any migration headaches.

Migration from iCloud, Google Drive to OneDrive for Business

Streamline migration of files and documents regardless of their source, volume or size while adhering to Office 365 file naming conventions, limits and boundaries.

Tenant Migration

Keep up with the changes in your business with tenant migration which are necessary when undergoing departmental / process changes, or simply when you need to switch your Office 365 plan.

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Office 365-based Intranet Portal Development

Customized Intranet Portal on top of Office 365

We have experience building customized intranet portals by combining the best of Office 365 and open source technologies. You can create department as well as project sites as per requirements, for the relevant personnel in those departments or projects. The well designed UX helps boost employee collaboration.

Extranet Portals

You can even get extranet portals for all external stakeholders like sales, marketing, vendors, and customers that your company deals with, specific to their roles and responsibilities.

Document Management System

Office 365 can serve as a robust DMS, ECM, and Records Management tool, allowing users to search for relevant documents. It also provides role-based access and easy sharing of content with the right personnel.

Corporate Branding

Set up a complete online presence for your business using Office 365. Give your Office 365 sign in page your company’s identity. We can help you to customize the Sign in page and Access Panel with the text, color and images of your choice.This makes publishing and managing content a breeze for your users, and allows other people to access the site with a URL and domain of your choice.