Ahmedabad, IND
01 Position

Job Description:

  • Administrator role support for UiPath Orchestrator, Robot machines and ABBYY platform.
  • Monitor UiPath Robot for any issues.
  • UiPath Robot machine and Orchestrator server maintenance.
  • UiPath Robot machine applications and software installation as needed.
  • UiPath and ABBYY Platform Credential Management.
  • UiPath and ABBYY license allocation and user management.
  • Connect with UiPath and ABBYY to resolve any technical issues.
  • Periodic UiPath Orchestrator upgrades.
  • Prod Deployment and Change Management Process.
  • Share knowledge around best practices and new UiPath Activities.
  • Periodic UiPath and ABBYY User Access Reviews.
  • Code Review and best practices support.
  • Development of new automations.
  • enhancement or bug fixes to existing bots.
  • Bot monitoring and production  support.

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