Top iPad Applications for Enterprise Management Top iPad Applications for Enterprise Management

Top 5 must-have iPad applications for the enterprise management

Top 5 must-have iPad applications for the enterprise management
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The first iPad app was introduced on April 3, 2010 and since then it has changed a lot many ways enterprises do business. It has loaded enterprises with wonderful applications that manage customer’s interactions and delivery management efficiently.

Nowadays enterprises have lots of choices to choose from the bunch of many needful apps, but one must take following five top considerations while opting for the most suitable application.

Arm Your Enterprise with the Best Marketing Missiles

Enterprises need application for remote management with security and support system that can efficiently boost their sales and marketing efforts. Tracking apps essentially help businesses to identify the best sales prospects.

Let’s take a look of the following top 5 types of iPad apps that today’s enterprises need to have an extra advantage with their business management processes:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Apps

Right from the lead generation to qualification, to its closure and managing its account enterprise world revolves around the sales cycle.  CRM is the only reliable source of information at any point for the sales executives.
CRM applications for iPad not just serve the purpose of account management but give the right information to the sales representatives at right place at right time.

Product Catalog Management Apps

Organize your products into an interactive product catalog app and empower your sales representatives to not only showcasing products and their details, but they can show images, videos, documents, etc. with the help of few flips. Not only showcasing but sharing of the same will take some seconds / taps only that too in digitally. Demonstrate products in any media i.e. images, videos, presentations, etc. and convey the exact things which you want to in your sells pitch.

Product Catalog App

Product Catalog apps give an extra advantage to sales representative for engaging the potential target audience, without any extra homework to be done. Such apps can work in offline mode as well allowing the users not to worry about connectivity issues. So it’s like sync and go.

And what can be best for a sales representative other than getting a sales order right from the app informing all relevant parties for processing the same, without any hassles of writing them manually and getting them forwarded for further processing.

Business Intelligence (BI) Apps

Customized reports right on the dashboard definitely helps enterprises in various business processes. The customized reports helps businesses identify what’s going on across supply chain, logistics, sales, customer support, client requests, etc. It gives sales team the power to take quick decisions at any point. Such applications are the needful tool for managing operational businesses successfully.
Thus an iPad application integrated with such business intelligence (BI) tools helps sales representative to create a report on each product variance. This ultimately helps businesses to monitor particular product performance on daily, weekly or monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

Document Management Apps

iCloud, Dropbox and Microsoft’s OneDrive helps businesses to integrate documents right from the web on your device screen. This helps sales representatives to access any important sales document anywhere and anytime with security.

The iPad application will act as an extension of web based document management system and in this way it is the most secured way of managing, editing, reviewing and maintaining all your content.

Microsoft Office Apps on iPad

Microsoft Office for the iPad is one of the top applications for the sales representatives. Businesses can take all their documents to the cloud and can perform all their documentation work on the iPad.
Edit word documents, create awesome charts in Excel and project them on the big screen while making presentation to the audience.

Unleashing Business Management Experience with Zuna

Zuna: Simplify your business and close any business deal on-the-go. Zuna provides facilities and loads your sales representative with sales missiles that really hit the right customer targets:

1. Content Management: A web based CMS helps in maintaining brand identity across the board. Keep your sales and marketing collaterals updated in real time with your sales team in the field.
2. Catalogs: Create an entire archive and catalog of all company products that’s easily accessible to sales representatives to showcase the same to customers and potential clients in a user friendly interactive display.
3. Product Details: Manage your product and related details from a central point of access, along with any related resource like catalog, documents, specific presentations, videos, etc.
4. Shopping Cart: Place quotes/orders by adding the desired products for a customer/client. And get the updates in real time about any update or progress happens on it.
5. Map Locator: Locate nearby dealers using an interactive map along with the ability to get the directions.

Zuna allows enterprises to leverage the complete power of mobile technology. Sales representatives can access complete information and updates about products, quotes and orders even when they not sitting in the office and can work in offline mode also.

Zuna provides a good analytics which helps businesses to analyze sales trends and performance. So empower your sales team with Zuna to prosper the sales.

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