Apple Watch & its Awesome Uses

Apple Watch and its awesome uses

Apple Watch and its awesome uses
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Smart watches are the future of watches. A report from Business Insider estimates that 148 million wearable devices will be sold by 2019, out of which 59% will be smart watches. And if Apple’s past record of disrupting industries is anything to go by, one can safely bet that the Apple Watch will be leading the smartwatch market as well.

There are already reports that the release of Apple Watch is causing a drop in sales of traditional watches in the U.S. The co-inventor of the famous Swatch watches has already said that the Apple Watch is expected to create an “Ice Age” for the Swiss watch industry.

With the launch of WatchKit 2.0, developers can now even create native apps for Apple Watch. At Softweb Solutions, we love experimenting with emerging technologies and working on new gadgets. Our developers have already worked on creating Apple Watch apps for enterprise use. In this blog post, we want to show you how Apple Watch can be used in a variety of ways to make life easier and cooler!

Smartwatches are the future of watches, and Apple Watch is the future of smartwatches.

Apple Watch with BankingFinance

Banks and financial institutions can leverage the Apple Watch to provide their members with even more mobile banking options. The Glances functionality lets users check recent transactions and credit card balances. Other uses include checking account balances, notifications of transactions, viewing stock portfolios and information on end of day profit-and- loss. Consumers can also use the Watch to track their spending and setup budgets with the right app.


Companies can give their employees real-time data on their wrist. This is ideal for factory environments where taking out a big screen smartphone from the work overalls may not be practical. If you have a smart factory setup where your employees get notifications on their cellphones, you can now give them the same notifications and alerts on their Apple Watch. Even in desk jobs, users can view upcoming tasks and even reminders about an upcoming meeting or project deadline.

Apple Watch with BankingTravel and navigation

Whether it’s a car-sharing app, or an app for an airline, Apple Watch can be used to make your life easier anywhere you go. Airlines can develop apps that allow their passengers to check-in for their flight or show them the status of their connecting flight. Ridesharing services can also create an Apple Watch app to show their users how much time they have left till their ride arrives. Checking into concerts, hotels and public transportation is also possible with the Watch.

Apple Watch with BankingShopping and dining

Apple Watch is poised to make life easier for consumers who are out shopping and dining. Some of the apps possible with the Watch are:

  • Location-based shopping and savings app with e-coupons redeemable right from your wrist.
  • Grocery list app that keeps track of items bought and pick up reminders when supplies are running low.
  • Apps that use both beacons and Apple Watch to create a smarter shopping solution.
  • Restaurant apps that show details of upcoming reservations and a route to the place.
  • Apps for eCommerce sites that can help users bid on things and receive relevant

Social media and chat

You will also get the ability to quickly respond to and keep up with your social life with the Apple Watch. The Watch’s contextual response as well as voice dictation provides users the ability to respond to their friends in crowded places such as concerts without having to take out their phones.

Apple Watch with Health UpdateHealth and fitness

Apple Watch is estimated to be the ideal wearable device for tracking health and fitness activities. This presents a good opportunity for companies who provide their employees with wellness programs. Employees can be asked to participate in exercise and fitness programs and when they reach their targets, measured via the Apple Watch, they can get discounts on their health care premiums.

Insurance companies are also likely to be looking into how Apple Watch can be used to better track healthcare data to offer lower discounts to people who lead more healthy lifestyles. Although this involves addressing privacy concerns and potential legal issues, the fact is that Apple Watch is already being used to do the following things:

    • Users can get scheduled reminders for their medications with a gentle tap on their wrist.
    • It can also be turned into a panic button for children/senior citizens living alone.
    • The Watch can be set up to dial 911 in case of emergencies or dial up the caretakers with just one touch.

Fitness enthusiasts can view current achievements and goals, keep track of their exercise and monitor their heart rate.

News and blogs

Media companies can create content that reaches readers right on their wrist! News websites and blogs can create Watch app extensions to their existing iOS apps and deliver sports scores, weather information or even the latest headlines to the Watch. Your users will love getting all the content without having to take out their phone.

Apple Watch with Sport UpdateSports

Sports clubs can also develop their own Watch apps to let their fans know the score, player bios and club trivia. Fans can set up their Watch app to follow teams and use them to check up on the day’s matches. Every time, the fan’s team scores a goal, the Watch can give the fan a buzz on his wrist.

Apple Watch with Music UpdateMusic and entertainment

Music apps are just one example of how the Apple Watch can be used. It has other entertainment uses as well.

  • The user can tap on the app icon of the Watch to see the name of the song and lyrics playing on his phone.
  • Movie theater chains can create their own branded apps that allow users to see the show timings and special offers.
  • Even an e-ticket for the movie can be put on the smartwatch.

Smart home

One of the perfect uses for the Watch is for home automation purposes. All smart devices currently controlled through a smartphone can be controlled with the Apple Watch.

  • Turning on or off the smart blubs in your home.
  • Controlling your HVAC system.
  • Control your garage door opener, smart fridges, and other smart devices.

These are just some of the type of apps that can be built for Apple Watch. To know more about how to build your Apple Watch app, talk to our solution architects.

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