Why Businesses need Mobile Application Management

Why businesses need Mobile Application Management (MAM)

Why businesses need Mobile Application Management (MAM)
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Mobility gets essential for today’s business environment to harness its potential output. You can find people working on their smart-phone or tablet devices in coffee shops, on planes, trains, or yes even when they get short breaks in between of their busy schedules.

As per IT giant IBM’s research 82% of respondents expect smart-phones to play a “critical role” in business productivity in the next two years. It is clear from the research that enterprise mobility is getting bigger. However, to secure, develop and deploy enterprise solutions Mobile Application Management is what businesses need today. In brief, businesses need a software management system that can easily yet effectively manage Enterprise Mobile Applications.

Mobile Application Management (MAM): A system that is developed for deploying, managing and securing all your business related application at one place. This is a 360 degree business app management solution. Let’s talk why today businesses need MAM for a complete business management solution. Following are the top reasons why enterprise should go for Mobile Application Management:

Top reasons why YOU need Mobile Application Management for perfect business solution

Simplify Mobile Strategy: Reduce the complexity of managing different mobile employees, applications, and devices through an integrated portfolio of market-leading products built to help simplify mobile device management and mobile application management strategies.

Increase Productivity: Increase employee productivity and satisfaction by managing diverse mobility needs. Executives can use personal devices to access sensitive information via email, document editors, and business intelligence (BI) applications. Maximize employee productivity by delivering secure access to the applications and data they need to get their work done with secure mobile application management.

Centralized App Management System: Today’s mobile device diversity is an IT management migraine. Start managing all your business applications at one place. Simplify the multi-platform headache and get centralized app management system to manage all the processes efficiently. Get a single sign-on experience for end users.

Mobile Enterprise Integration: Integration is the number 1 challenge of Enterprise Mobile Solution. For instance, real-time enterprise system integration, accessing content integration or event based enterprise system integration etc.  Integration will provide agility, time to market and consistent backend across different mobile development platform. To avail seamless mobile enterprise integration with development platforms and identify providers businesses must go for Mobile Application Management. Get all your mobile assets integrated in one console.

Flexible Content Management Solution: Businesses need flexible content management solution for distributing virtually any type of file content on mobile devices.  MAM leverage a flexible model for asset management, distributing profiles, apps and content management, based on device ownership type.

Secure Business Information: Rock-solid mobile app security using enterprise credentials to secure all the business information. You can assure end-to-end security extending to users, devices, applications, content, data, email and networks with the help of Mobile Application Management.

Maintain User Privacy: With MAM, personal apps and data stay personal. Employees, partners and consultants can rest easy knowing that corporate IT doesn’t have visibility or control over personal stuff.

Enterprise App Store: This is your enterprise app store for distributing public, custom and web apps as well as configuration profiles. Application Management delivers apps that keep employees productive. It also supports emerging trends in business world such as “Bring Your Own Device” BYOD.

Simplify Business: Simplify multi-platform headache by providing consistent security and management across the mix of devices, operating systems and ownership models within the enterprise. Application management functionality covers both internal enterprise users and customers that use the company’s applications.

Expand Mobility to the Extended Enterprise: Ultimately, mobility is about boosting mobile productivity and transforming business processes across the extended enterprise of employees, partners, suppliers, contractors and customers.

If you want to grab above mentioned advantages for your enterprise you need to get a powerful mobile enterprise solution. In brief, you need to develop a Mobile Application Management (MAM) and get rid of managing business applications separately once and for all. Keep in mind that you need mobile apps not infrastructure!

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