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Don’t play hide and seek with your data. Start Splunking!

Don’t play hide and seek with your data. Start Splunking!
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Real-time reporting has become a paradigm for most industries and yet, it is accompanied by overwhelming challenges. From dynamic data collection to data reporting, the traditional reporting methods have failed in terms of providing accurate results to organizations. Data integrity is another challenge when considering real-time reporting and analysis. Traditional monitoring and analysis tools aren’t designed to handle variety, velocity, volume or variability of such dynamic data. Unfortunately, many such problems don’t manifest until the final reporting phase.
However, real-time data processing has much to offer the modern business model. It is prolific in providing real-time insights hidden in your data that often go unnoticed and are constructive for savvy decision-making.
So if traditional methods don’t ease your data chagrin then what will? The answer is Splunk. This leads us to another question. What is Splunk? Let me answer this in brief.
Search, monitor, and analyze
Data is valuable because it contains a definitive record of all activities and behavior of your customers, users, transactions, applications, servers, networks and mobile devices. Being a Splunk technology alliance partner, we have explored the capabilities of Splunk. It is a tool that offers operational intelligence to collect, search, analyze, visualize, monitor, and access dynamic data.

Splunk has the highest market share in the IT operations analytics software market. – IDC research

Splunk helps organizations to detect patterns, access alerts by getting proactively notified on abnormal behavior, and ease of access to type of data—at scale and on demand. The software allows users to gather data from different data sources, while also allowing them to ask different questions on the same data across a range of use cases, and provide real-time insights through interactive visualizations.
Ensuring data enrichment
Apart from being an amazing tool that efficiently connects real-time data from various sources, presents it for analysis with interactive visualizations, Splunk has other benefits like;

  • Simple to implement and scale
  • Automatically discover useful information embedded in your data
  • Search within the data from anywhere and get results in real-time
  • Save searches and tag useful information
  • Set up alerts to automate the monitoring of your system for specific recurring events
  • Generate analytical reports with interactive charts, graphs, and tables and share them within the organizations or with the outside world
  • Share saved searches and reports with fellow Splunk users
  • Proactively review downtimes and security incidents before they arise

Otto, Shazam, Yelp, Nasdaq, UniCredit, Nordstorm, University of Texas, Symantec, and Vodafone are few of the global brands that leverage the benefits of Splunk.
Splunk development services for enterprise provides operational intelligence for varied industries to combat against challenges that the organizations face.

Splunk for Healthcare

Splunk helps healthcare providers to gain insights into system performance and interact with the broader healthcare ecosystem. It provides real-time analytics to support initiatives such as gathering and securing patient data, optimizing existing systems to improve patient care, and enabling online and mobile access to reports.
Interactive reports powered by Splunk helps the team to track usage and performance of medical devices. Hence, it prevents the failure of any machines during critical operations. It enables them to protect patient records and comply with regulatory requirements. Doctors can generate meaningful reports that help in quicker diagnosis based on the previous records of the patient.

Splunk for Telecom

Splunk helps telecom companies with monitoring, and reporting terabytes of data generated by numerous cell towers in real-time. It gives a competitive advantage by improving customer experience, accelerating innovation, streamlining operations, and optimizing costs. Telecom companies can now easily identify the areas where cell networks are down and reduce the downtime with root cause analysis powered by Splunk.
With real-time dashboards, organizations can easily understand market trends, outliers, project service, equipment needs, and make strategic decisions. Splunk makes it easier to analyze orders, revenue statistics, regional statistics, maintenance contracts, and collaborating results.

Splunk for Manufacturing

Splunk enables manufacturers to integrate industrial data on a single platform to deliver real-time, operational insights across the organization and throughout the manufacturing processes. When machine data is visualized in an interpretable format, companies can identify issues impacting performance in an efficient manner to prevent machine failure which further reduces downtime. Organizations can gain insights into device, sensor and equipment performance to boost productivity.

Splunk for Finance

Splunk helps financial services companies to drive greater value of their data, with particular focus on fraud prevention and security. It helps financial firms to monitors consumer activities at each stage of the buying process, providing useful data for the team to analyze. Moreover, it provides ad hoc searches and reporting according to the organization’s needs.
Operational visibility enables companies to quickly identify and respond to phishing attacks and other threats. They can be notified with details such as the pattern for fraudulent activities to decide upon further actions that need to be taken.
Start Splunking with Softweb Solutions
Splunk helps enterprises to achieve their strategic business goals with its real-time analyzing and visualization capabilities. And we are excited to help you with Splunk consulting services. If you wish to know more about how Splunk can help your organization to be more effective, kindly get in touch with our data experts.

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