Reduce the App downtime and Performance Issue with Application Monitoring

How application performance monitoring can reduce app downtime and performance issues

How application performance monitoring can reduce app downtime and performance issues
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Applications have become the heart and soul of any business now. As the battle gets tough, companies want to have superior performance of all their applications. Consequently, the workload of IT operation teams increases necessitating appropriate solutions for application performance monitoring. They wanted a solution that would enable them to monitor end user experience, transaction conversions, detecting attack, etc. If the solution can provide all the information regarding the app on a single dashboard, it will be extremely helpful for those teams who do mission critical tasks for an enterprise. The groundbreaking capabilities of APM solution ensure easy detection of errors and fixing it.

App performance in the test and real time differs most of the time, a test environment cannot always detect the issues that may occur in real-time as part of end-user experience. In real time, we find different set of issues are emerging.

An effective application performance monitoring allows easy tracking of application health and alerts the business owners before the issue affects the end-user. APM can make a big difference in reducing application downtime and thereby lower down the costs of the company. It is certainly giving a competitive edge to any company.

End user experience

User experience has an utmost importance in an organization’s success. Any sort of disruption in the user experience while using the application can lead to dissatisfaction and the unhappy user can impact negatively on the business. When there is appropriate APM solution, the IT operations and the application support engineers can work together to improve the end user experience because they get suitable insights on the performance of the application which help them to work proactively. The solution should have the power to transform every user interaction a loyalty-building experience. The APM helps in improving the end user experience in following ways:

Getting real time issue alerts

  • Providing list of users who are having performance issues
  • Collaborative work guides to quick issue resolution
  • Measure performance through transaction conversions

Business constantly seeks for ways to improve their performance to attract more revenue. They want to measure how their initiatives benefit the business. They calculate all the parameters to calculate and provide solutions to improve the user experience. APM allows the business to know about the issues encountered by the user and how well they can resolve it quickly.

  • Ability to manage the conversion rates by providing real time alerts
  • Ability to precisely drill down the particular issue the user encountered during the session
  • Deep visibility into application and customer experience enables efficient analysis on user preference

Single dashboard

There are so many advanced APM tools to monitor app performance and they bring a whole lot of data. A single dashboard visualizes these data in a precise and clear way so that the overall status can be visible easily. This dynamic dashboard is an absolute help for various staffs working on app performance issues and support. Dashboard provides role based access which allows various departments to utilize it as per their need.

  • Comprehensive view on performance issues across all departments
  • Quick decision making and issue resolving
  • Enhance IT performance and availability

Provides insight to developers on codes

Developer gets adequate insight on their codes through APM. There are application monitoring tools in the app development level as well. This tool provides insight to maintain and improve the quality of their codes. Though testing is done at various phases of development that alone cannot be the answer to application performance issues. The real time issues cannot be predicted. APM tool helps the developers to understand the performance bottlenecks and failures experienced by their apps.

  • Provides deep insight into the application performance
  • Obtaining a collection of diagnostic and performance trace data helps them to code better
  • Provides information for optimization needed for improving user experience

Defending applications against attacks

Though the applications are tested well and implemented smartly, there can be still dangerous flaws in the code which attackers can target. Application performance monitoring can play a useful role here by providing adequate insight. The attack detection mechanism deployed at the network level or application level can protect the application from attacks.

  • Detect any suspicious behavior by monitoring and analyzing the data transferred over the network to observe HTTP traffic
  • Gather information about application requests and possible attacks
  • Analyze the logs produced by the application or the server that is running the application

General Benefits of implementing an APM tool

  • Provides performance trends at-a-glance
  • Provides a complete picture of business application availability
  • Insight into application performance factors to avoid outages and slowdowns
  • Ensures business-critical systems are meeting their SLA
  • Complete visibility into user experience to detect the issue before it affects the users
  • Analytics to quickly diagnose and resolve problems
  • Track SQL statements responsible for slow performance
  • Code-level diagnostics and cross application tracing

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