Need to know before you hire Node.js developer Need to know before you hire Node.js developer

5 things you need to know before hiring a Node.js developer

5 things you need to know before hiring a Node.js developer
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Are you planning to hire a Node.js developer for your business app? Before we see what qualities the developer should possess, let’s try to figure out that what actually Node.JS is all about.

Implementing Node.js solution in enterprise allows developers to build real-time applications with better throughput and improved scalability. It is a powerful tool for developing server-side applications; however, it’s not an easy beast to tame.

Being a new technology, the market may be dominated by the larger communities of Django and Ruby on Rails. However, for applications built on CRUD basis, i.e. “Create-Read-Update-Delete”, Node.js may just be the right solution for your business. Benefits like powerful underlying libraries, high market demand and same language on client and server side make Node.js a better option than its counterpart languages. Once you have made-up your mind, that Node.js development is the best option for your project, hiring a good Node.js developer would be a next step you should focus on.

As said before, that being a relatively new technology, you might face some challenges while acquiring the right developer for your project. Before we get into the discussion on how to hire the best Node.js developer for your project, let’s throw some light on the challenges that may cross your path.




  • The developer might not be aware of the proper programing paradigm: Today there are tons of programing languages. However, it is very important for a developer to understand the nature of the project and implement the optimal paradigm for the same. There are chances that your candidate might not have the complete knowledge about the archetype required for your project.
  • Knowledge of functional programing: Node.js is a platform which is based on functional programing. Being a rather new technology, Node.js developers are not so sound in the fundamentals based on functional programing.
  • Difference between classical inheritance and prototypal inheritance: Node.js development works on the principle of inheritance. It becomes very important for any developer to have an adequate knowledge and experience of implementing the correct inheritance in the code.
  • Understands “favor object composition over class inheritance”: Reusability of the code is a major advantage of Node.js development. However, having a smaller community, the developers are not quite versed with the technique of code reusability.

Once you overcome all these challenges and complete the framework of your project, you come a step closer to hiring the ideal Node.js developer for your project. Try to focus on these points prior to hiring a Node.js developer;

  • Understanding of Node.js database options: Node.js is compatible with a number of databases available today in the market. For development firms, it is quite crucial to understand the nature of the project and determine which database would be the best fit. While hiring a Node.js developer, it is important for the recruiter to make sure that the candidate holds enough knowledge of the database and its accurate implementations.
  • Open-Source Node.js portfolio: It’s obvious that you would prefer a developer as experienced as possible for your project. The question then is, how to determine whether or not the developer meets your requirement? In order to get an answer to this question, check the open source portfolio of the candidate. Look for the projects completed and delivered by the firm. Having a good array of projects depicts the experience and expertise of the Node.js development company.
  • Experience using Node.js beyond HTTP: Node.js is designed to work for the application beyond normal HTTP protocol. This technology can easily and efficiently work on protocols like peer to peer or XMPP server/client protocols. You must look for the development company who has experience of creating these types of applications. Having expertise in this field indicates the knowledge and deep understanding of technology.
  • DevOps and knowledge of Node.js deployment: Deployment requirements may vary for Node.js projects. During the process of hiring a node.js developer, look for the candidate who is also DevOps certified. It is important for you make sure that the developer you hire can also tackle issues like load balancing, scaling the app across several servers and database.

Try to keep these few things in mind while hiring a Node.js developer for your project.

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