How developing healthcare mobile apps helps doctors and patients

How healthcare mobile apps help doctors and patients

How healthcare mobile apps help doctors and patients
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The constantly growing medical requirements have been the biggest reason for the evolution of healthcare mobility solutions. In the past, the healthcare and life science industries were focusing more on manufacturing customized medical equipment and devices for the hospitals and doctors. However, now they have switched over to custom-made mobile apps that are increasingly smarter, rich in functionality and easy to use. The aim of these solutions is to cut the health care costs and to provide the patients with the best results.

The healthcare mobility solutions market will grow at a CAGR of 28.0% by 2023 – Market Research Engine

The penetration of mobile phones in healthcare setups is increasing due to the necessity of accessing information rapidly because the value of time here is associated with the lives of patients and not money. Connected mobile devices are revolutionizing the way hospitals function by creating an impact on the healthcare industry. Even some of the healthcare giants such as Kaiser Permanente and Cigna have leapfrogged the industry by adopting the latest mobility solutions to help physicians, clinics, hospitals and life science organizations to be more effective.

Moreover, mobility in healthcare facilitates both healthcare institutes as well as patients by providing a secure and an efficient exchange of clinical data in healthcare centers, by adhering to industry regulations such as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).

Let’s check out some use cases of mobile managed healthcare applications

The healthcare industry is making brilliant strides in enhancing the health of patients with better mobile solutions.

The solutions include healthcare mobile apps, online medical clinics, video chats between a doctor and a patient, and more. Hence, with mobile healthcare management solutions patient care and everyday activities of medical practitioners can be simplified to a great extent.

Hospitals and pharmacy management app for hospitals:

  • Eliminating errors caused by manual intervention and workarounds.
  • Tracking medications of the entire hospital in real time.
  • Avoiding drug diversion and manipulation.
  • Enhancing inventory control and reducing costs.
  • Making more efficient workflow processes.
  • Executing compliance protocols and monitoring compliance violations.

Remote patient monitoring application:

  • Set reminders for medications from various time intervals such as hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly.
  • Record prescription, pharmacy information and medication consumption actions.
  • Manage medications and assist hospital pharmacy refills with proactive reminders.

Hospital indoor wayfinding app for hospital staff:

  • Guide your visitors with indoor and outdoor navigation and parking.
  • Facilitate automatic check-in, queue placement, check-out, and more.
  • Optimize route planning and navigation for hospital staff
  • Send a relevant location-based text messages pointing to the specific doctor/ward.
  • Provide maps and images to visitors and reduce their anxiety of getting lost.

Chronic care management app for doctors and clinical staff:

  • Share complete care plan with your patients.
  • Get 24/7 online and phone patient access to clinical health assistants.
  • Simplify HIPAA-compliant, enrollment process for the patient.
  • Access real-time data and monitor your enrolled patients.
  • Remote monitoring of vitals with the integration of trackers and mobile.
  • Get access to the diagnostic and therapeutic tools when needed.

Pregnancy/childbirth app for mothers:

  • Track your baby’s development at every stage of the pregnancy.
  • Receive weekly useful tips and animated videos.
  • View a detailed guide to labor and birth; use a contraction timer.
  • Have access to health and wellness guides for new mothers.
  • Get detailed and timely information about nurturing a newborn baby.

Some benefits of mobility in healthcare

The healthcare centers in today’s age need to stay connected to patients’ records as well as emergency protocols round the clock. Patients are more demanding; regulations and compliance challenges are increasing. In such a scenario, mobility solutions are helping in keeping patients at the highest level of priority, and are helping in various other ways such as:

  • Enhances responsiveness and patient satisfaction.
  • Simplify collaboration among mobile staff to deliver better results.
  • Removes unproductive time spent looking for some staff or trying to reach them on various devices.
  • Increases focus on patient care and documentation.
  • Streamlines communication by integrating voice, images and text messages in a single device.
  • Improves patient care by delivering messages to the point of care rather than to an administrative location or central nursing.
  • Helps to avoid miscommunication and confusions

The final say

The demand for mobile healthcare apps is increasing day-by-day as healthcare providers as well as patients are able to make the most out of it. A few healthcare mobile app development companies such as Softweb Solutions Inc. specialize in developing customized mobility solutions. So, if you have a healthcare app idea, talk to our experts to come up with a solution that changes the way patients and physicians engage with each other in the healthcare sector.

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