Why you should choose Contentful for your headless CMS development Why you should choose Contentful for your headless CMS development

Top 5 reasons why you should choose Contentful for your headless CMS development

Top 5 reasons why you should choose Contentful for your headless CMS development
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There is 4,800, 000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (4.8 yotta, where a yotta is 10²⁴) bytes of data on the Internet. It can take three million years to download with a 44 MB per second download speed, as per Physics.org. We are making 576,000 new websites daily. According to W3Techs, websites that use no content management systems (CMS) have dropped from 76.4% in 2011 to 33.8% in December 2021. Imagine the multichannel world and the amount of content we will produce in 2025.

It is clear that the responsiveness of digital content on all platforms and technologies (including virtual reality, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence) will matter more than ever. Consider the visitors to your site waiting for your server to load the data from the location where it is stored. On the other hand, a CDN-hosted website is loaded on thousands of file storage systems around the world. It delivers data via the server closest to your site visitor, thus reducing loading time.

The content delivery network (CDN) replicates content to multiple locations using a network of proxy servers and data centers that are geographically distributed.

No business can bypass the importance of speed in SEO, Google indexing and Google speed tests. That’s why you should think of headless CMS implementation or consider migrating your site from WordPress to headless CMS. The competition is ruthless. Who can afford to lose a single customer? Only headless CMS can provide the speed and best customer experience you want. A headless CMS has only one focus: storing and delivering structured content wherever you want it to display. There will be no downtime or crashes.

It has an interface (such as Agility, Contentful, Strapi) for adding content and a RESTful API (like JSON or XML) to deliver content to your site. To know more about when to use headless CMS, read the blog further.

Now that you’re convinced that headless CMS is magical, it’s time to choose the best tool for you.

Contentful came into the picture when burgeoning headless CMS companies could not solve a problem. It was not easy for web CMSs to adapt to mobile or other digital channels, resulting in content silos. Contentful hits it successfully. Contentful pioneered headless CMS with structured content. It offers a unified content hub, which allows content publishing everywhere. Furthermore, open APIs allow seamless displaying across different devices, involving IoT devices and VR headsets.

Let’s look at some of Contentful’s best features and why people love it.

Better developer experience

Contentful offers a better developer experience in three ways. First, Contentful’s CLI-first approach enables developers to work from their favorite code editor within the command line. Second, Contentful allows developers to customize web app experience using React components. And third, Contentful has an enormously passionate developer community. The community’s learning tools, live coding, developer events and an active slack group for developers support fast-moving projects. That’s why Contentful is a fun platform for developers to use and create with.

Customized content modeling

Every situation is different when it comes to content modeling. There is no single platform that can address all content issues. Some of these issues include, but are not limited to: content reuse, empowered editors to work independently of development teams, content localization and UX handling by managing navigation and/or microcopy. Contentful enables editors to offer the content in a presentation-independent manner on any channel. Editors can take any content form and create compelling experiences around it. In Contentful, there are no predefined content models. Anyone can create the content model as per their needs.


Contentful gets so much love from a marketing or E-commerce-focused team or department due to many reasons. First, it separates content for different delivery channels like websites, mobile apps or even digital billboards. Using Contentful, most businesses can customize their marketing content on a campaign by campaign and channel by channel basis. Content can be shared and utilized between different devices, such as a website and an Apple Watch.


Contentful’s API enables you to distribute content with the press of a button. As soon as you publish your content, it will be available on mobile, web and any other platform you can think of. Furthermore, Contentful’s CDN ensures that your users receive content 24X7.

Effective UI

To achieve remarkable outcomes, Contentful offers an uncluttered UI. It also has an attractive and straightforward user interface. If you need to customize and enhance the user experience of the Contentful web app, Contentful’s UI extensions can help. They can also help in integrating the Contentful web app with third party systems to decorate structured content with metadata.

Above all, as developers build Contentful for developers, you need a seasoned software engineer to set everything up and get your multichannel running. In all, if you are a larger firm with a team of experienced developers who do not want to hand over content management once the website and other channels are up, Contentful may be the ideal choice for you.

How Softweb Solutions can help you for more effective content management

Most companies now have a website, apps, social platforms, smart devices and maybe a few more platforms. That presents the challenge of delivering consistent digital content on all the necessary platforms. Further, the content should be responsive, interactive and meet user expectations. Let your content team stay productive by creating an effective content that can be used anywhere in your digital ecosystem – website, apps, social, etc. At Softweb Solutions, we help you to grow through agile, smart and strategic content management. Our Contentful developers and experts are here to help you build a headless content architecture, future proof content-first approach, omnichannel marketing, SEO-friendly CMS and other meaningful features. Do you want to know how? Start a conversation with our team and discuss how we can help you in managing your content effectively.

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