How mobility can help LSPs to overcome challenges How mobility can help LSPs to overcome challenges

5 mobile solutions that can take your logistics company to the next level

5 mobile solutions that can take your logistics company to the next level
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Experts say that logistics play a significant role in the economic growth of the country. The logistics industry involves the massive amount of movement of people and goods everyday through air, sea, and surface. This industry which is on a constant move requires a streamlined workforce, a great deal of transparency, clear real-time supply chain visibility and good customer care.

In order to respond to the increasing demands of the customers of this ever-changing industry, the logistics service providers need to create an enterprise mobility strategy, which helps them to stay ahead of the competition. The traditional landscape of the logistics and transportation industry is getting enriched by mobility, creating a positive impact on the processes and workflows.

Key challenges faced by Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) today:

  • Increased need for transparency and real-time operational visibility across the enterprise
  • Complex processes and workflow across the supply chain
  • Poor customer service due to manual processes
  • Low efficiency and productivity
  • Redundant processes which result in failure to deliver goods on time
  • Lack of performance measurement through proper analytics techniques

How mobility can help LSPs to overcome challenges: Top 5 use cases for logistics companies

Mobile warehouse management solutions

Your primary aim must be to know your warehouse inside out. With a mobile warehouse management app connected to all your assets, you can get complete visibility and transparency in your warehouse, as it gives you the overview of the entire warehouse on a single screen. Also, it helps you identify and ship packages in an efficient and streamlined manner, promising the optimized resource utilization.

Doorstep delivery mobile solutions

Speed is one the most important factors in doorstep pick-up and delivery process. A customized door step delivery mobile app for your business lets you speed up your pickup and delivery services. Using a mobile app, your employees can scan the product, create a label, enter delivery details and create an invoice; all at the customer doorstep. So, the shipment can be directly transferred to the export facility, resulting in the reduced time to deliver, well-optimized warehouse space and enhanced customer service.

Mobile asset tracking solutions

Delivering products to your customers on time is the key to success in your business. You can keep track of your shipments with extra high precision using an asset tracking mobile app with the help of geo-positioning and identification technology. Knowing the exact status of each and every shipment will help you keep deliveries on schedule, streamline the work process, optimize resource utilization, reduce costs and adhere to service level agreements.

Mobile fleet management solutions

A fleet management mobile app can give you the details of all your drivers, vehicles, and assets inside the vehicles. It helps you with the delivery schedules of all the vehicles and also facilitates route planning, log times of drivers and deviations. These things will improve driver’s efficiency and you can track driver performance to identify and retain the good ones. Other benefits include better fleet management and fuel and fleet costs management.

Customer servicing solutions

Meeting the needs of customers will increase customer satisfaction, which will ultimately boost their loyalty towards you. A tailor-made customer service mobile app for your business will enable your customers to do the mobile bookings for door delivery, track the movement of your shipment and report a complaint. You can also get customer feedback through your mobile app which you can use to address complaints and serve your customers better than ever.

Mobility in logistics is a must today!

Apart from the above mentioned solutions, there can also be a mobile app that shows vehicle’s maintenance history. A robust, secure and scalable mobile solution for your logistics company will not only help you improve decision making, customer services, and resource management optimization, but also help to boost up employee efficiency, fasten business processes and get ahead of your competitors. So, make sure you hire a mobile application development company that guarantees successful implementation of mobility in your organization.

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