Top 5 mobility trends that enterprises must know

5 must-know enterprise mobility trends to stay ahead of the competition

5 must-know enterprise mobility trends to stay ahead of the competition
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Enterprise mobility solutions are becoming an indispensable function that support the growth of an organization and serve as an important pillar of the digital revolution. And there is no doubt to the fact that mobility solutions for enterprises are playing an influential role by sharing the dais with other noteworthy technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things), augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence, chatbot, cloud, and more. These modern technologies have similarly contributed to the digital transformation this year. So, organizations that lack adaptability and competence in planning a holistic enterprise mobile strategy can lose out on generating good returns from their mobility investments.

Let’s check out the major enterprise mobility trends of 2018

Internet of Things

Internet of things has a huge impact on how organizations are leveraging the power of connected devices to improve process efficiencies and deliver better customer experiences. IoT-enabled mobile applications offer a lot of features such as real-time analytics, remote device management, secure communication, and more to meet specific business requirements. IoT-devices gather customer data using sensors, which is then visualized and analyzed to understand customers day-to-day usage. Later, by understanding and identifying the usage pattern of customers right business decisions are made on time.

Similarly, organizations are combining BYOD (Bring your own device), and IoT to create a smart workplace that resolves common workplace challenges like meeting room booking, ad hoc collaboration, visitor experience management, facilities management and more. The growth of the Internet of Things and enterprise mobility combined with connected wearable devices will take the growth and efficiency of business to a new level this year.



Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning is often the point of every discussion since the time artificial intelligence has come into the picture. AI and ML have a dynamic role to play in the ever-evolving enterprise mobility management space as they will help enterprises in finding patterns, streamlining rules in order to make lean security systems with BYOD policies. Businesses must develop AI-driven mobile apps that will support in detecting vulnerabilities & secure enterprise networks.

Chatbot aka Conversational UX

Enterprises developing chatbot applications will be able to handle customer queries/requests such as appointment setting, payment approval, inquiry for information more instantly. And the best part is businesses do not have to hire expert customer care executives for doing this task. Conversations with a chatbot will also eliminate the old traditional method of responding where users have to wait for a long time to get a response. Also, the inter-departmental interactions that take place between different teams and employees will become seamless, leading to increased employee productivity.

Cloud migration

The adoption of cloud computing has become a business necessity today and this is also greatly helpful for enterprise mobility management. With the unmatched power of cloud services, businesses are now capable of accessing information from anywhere, at any time on their mobile devices. Earlier, data security used to be a matter of concern for organizations, but since the time hybrid cloud has been introduced the issue has been addressed to a great extent.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality technology used to be quite popular in the consumer app space previously, but now it is rapidly penetrating in the enterprise mobility space too. An AR application has the potential to superimpose virtual worlds over the real and offer a simulative and immersive experience to the users. By integrating AR in business apps a lot of industry verticals such as retail, field service, supply chain, real estate, education, and more have enhanced process efficiencies as well as customer experiences.
The final say
We all know that enterprise mobility solutions are vital business tools for organizations if they are developed and implemented effectively. Therefore, businesses must consider enterprise mobility trends and develop robust solutions that generate greater ROI. If you want to know which of the above-mentioned trends can benefit your business model, talk to our experts.

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