How mobile sales app help businesses to keep track of sales opportunities

Now keep continuous track of sales opportunities for an efficient sales-force.

Now keep continuous track of sales opportunities for an efficient sales-force.
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There is a huge trend in mobile sales applications that enable enterprises to access complete sales data from anywhere at any point of time. This hugely supports sales professionals who frequently work outside their connected office environments.
Mobile Sales Applications provide “Ready-to-Use” functionality to the Enterprise –

  • Staff members can access complete customer related information even when they are not at their workplace
  • They can schedule sales related tasks useful for proper follow-up process
  • They can manage their products listings with ease according to the different categories and requirements
  • With the help of image/video gallery feature, sales professionals can interactively showcase their offerings
  • Mobile sales apps also provide facility of taking quick orders along with real-time inventory management

With Accumulative Mobile Revolution, Enterprises are increasingly adopting Mobile Sales Applications to showcase their Products on the Go
It is being always a big challenge for Mobile sales team to work effectively and efficiently to increase sales. The biggest challenge for them is to effectively communicate with people and exchange all necessary detail with their customers on the field.
This brings the need of “Real-time Sales Support” for better transmission of detailed information leading to efficient sales-force.

Softweb Solutions offers “Zuna” Service – A Cloud based Business Sales Application that can be used on any Mobile tablet Device

The main objective of this mobile solution offered by us is to improve your enterprise’s sales experience which will be helpful for your Company’s overall growth and success.

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Zuna in Sanskrit means Success, Prosperity and Growth
Zuna in its entirety comes with a set of powerful features and benefits –

  • It is a cloud based mobile solution that allows your enterprise to easily create a premium product and sales mobile application. There is no requirement of technical and designing skills and you can create a sales app in just few hours.
  • It supports “bulk data uploading”, where you can easily upload your bulk products/services offerings with ease from SAP, SQL Server, XLS, or CSV files.
  • It allows a company to select from our range of templates and themes that will best fit your company’s image.
  • It is integrated with location based services by which users can find the nearest dealers and create an optimal route to reach the dealer via an interactive map.
  • It also works in offline mode so that enterprises can leverage complete power of Mobile technology and showcase their range of products and view order/customer history without the need of internet connectivity.
  • Other features include – Users will be able to generate Quotes and write orders, it includes a in-built User Management and Mobile Device Management features, and we help you completely to get your sales application onto multiple mobile platforms.
  • Zuna also offers “detailed analytics” which are easy to understand. This will help your enterprise to precisely analyze your sales activities and performance.

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