5 Ways to Make Sales Team More Productive using Mobility

5 ways to make your sales team more productive

5 ways to make your sales team more productive
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 The most important aspect of any business is the selling of a product or a service. Though, there is more than one department involved in running a successful venture, it can be safely said that the crux of them all comes down to sales. How then do you manage your sales teams to stay on top of their respective games with heavy competition and stiff targets?

It is the 21st century, where everything we know is bigger than it used to be. The ways in which we work, the ways in which we buy, and definitely the ways in which we sell, have come a long way. Technology has aided man in his quest for betterment in every facet of life. It is time to embrace the incredible potential of present technologies and incorporate them in your sales force.

Break the conventions

If it was not for the foresight of Jeff Bezos, the founder of internet’s biggest virtual store, Amazon.com, the world would have been relatively different. The revelation of the internet led to the formation of Amazon.com which completely changed the dynamics of selling. Accepting change and identifying the right technology enables you to successfully implement the said software which will surely benefit the business.

The mobile phone suffered a public discourse when it was introduced to the world. People were unable to realize the impact it would have on the modern world.

Here, I will present 5 ways you can include in your approach which will undoubtedly enhance your staff’s productivity and diligence.

1) Customization rocks!

The best way to optimize your sales team is to have customized software or applications that cater solely to your business needs. For example, a product catalog is highly beneficial to sales representatives as it gives them all the necessary data right in their hands. This enables them to present the products in a structured manner.

  • List out the possible uses of the various technologies, or better, consult a professional who will be able to provide a deeper insight into what you require to uplift your business
  • Give your sales team an edge with innovative technological tools
  • Choose from a host of options or get one customized for your team

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2) Automate

If you haven’t already, it is time to automate various processes and procedures employed or designed for your business. Technology doesn’t cut corners but saves time due to its ability to focus on the task at hand thereby letting your team concentrate on what they do best, which is selling. Again, consulting a professional is bound to be advantageous.

3) Research

Employ the right tools to enable your team to be updated with everything regarding the product and/or service and most importantly, the client. If this is inculcated in the sales process, it becomes a healthy habit that ensures your representatives do not suffer a tongue-in-cheek moment as all the information is with them.

4) Education / Training (How vs. What)

This is the most crucial aspect for any department and it certainly holds true for sales representatives. Every process, procedure or technology that you adopt, needs proper training for the workforce that will be using it. If your how-you-sell is taken care of, the what-you-sell becomes secondary. You do not want your rep to falter at an error on screen amidst a presentation to the client. With proper education, your sales team will stand out from the rest.

5) Follow-Up

There are some alarming facts regarding follow-ups and it still continues to be a problem for sales departments. Forrester claims that 48% of sales people do not follow up after first touch. Again, with the right software deployed, this could be tackled. Leads that have not been followed up could be flagged on the system which immediately alerts the respective team members thereby making sure that their first touch will not be their last.

Following the above mentioned points will help you enhance your business and in turn, spruce up your sales team by eliminating mundane tasks like data and information gathering, saving their time so that they can focus on being productive.


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