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Build mixed reality apps for HoloLens

HoloLens applications – Work, train, or entertain users with holograms

Softweb Solutions can help you develop HoloLens applications for a wide variety of purposes. The apps are used for collaborating in real-time, training in organizations and colleges, and in building prototypes. This is because HoloLens can create holograms, which gives users the ability to view paper concepts or 2D animations in the form of 3D virtual objects. The end result is that organizations in various industries can make quick design changes regarding products and even buildings.

Benefits of developing apps for HoloLens

  • Untethered device gives mobility to user
  • Apps can be controlled through voice commands
  • User works with life-sized holograms
  • MS Cognitive Services can be integrated with the app

Here are just some of the examples of how mixed reality works

Evaluate how HoloLens can help your business with our 2-week pilot project


How HoloLens is transforming the construction, engineering & real estate industries

Microsoft HoloLens is a totally unchained see-through holographic computer that helps users to experience 3D holographic images as though they are a part of their environment.

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HoloLens success stories

HoloLens application for augmented experience of artificial lift for the oil field

The HoloLens application allowed the GE team to showcase a prototype of their new product to customers in the oil-field quicker and cheaper than traditional physical models or 3D-printed designs.

  • App applies texture and lighting on the 3D model
  • Model can be placed on table or floor using TapToPlace feature
  • Revolving feature allows the user to revolve the object to visualize the 360 degree view
  • The navigation option allows the user to zoom in, zoom out, scale (0 to 6 feet), and exit the model

HoloLens app for a lighting manufacturer & installer

  • Conflict detection during construction by laying 3D BIM models over the real world.
  • Post-built construction check with Autodesk Revit data & HoloLens app.
  • Technician can see the exact location of the affected part because of a photorealistic 3D mesh.
  • Enables remote collaboration with subject matter experts.
On Demand Webinar

HoloLens – a canvas to merge the real and virtual worlds

  • Introduction to holographic computing – how it works
  • How HoloLens’ mixed reality capabilities can benefit enterprises
  • Use cases – real estate, construction, education, retail and product design
  • Hololens app demo
  • Q&A

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Mixed reality development for HoloLens - How we do it.

Companies can benefit from our proof of concept program to get a hands-on experience on what goes into building HoloLens mixed reality applications before implementing a full-scale project.

Conceptualization and user story

Our solution architects will understand your business needs and create a use case based on the problems identified.


Knowledge of Unity 3D or Unreal Engine is essential for HoloLens mixed reality solutions along with expertise in C# and C++. These languages are second nature to us!


Creating an excellent mixed reality app for HoloLens is just half the battle won! We also help you deliver your app to the right audience through our marketing expertise.


Only the best work with us because we are the best at what we do.


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