Augmented reality app development

We develop immersive augmented reality applications meant for use within enterprises as well as in entertainment, advertising, and education

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Augmented reality for AECO

Architects and construction engineers

  • Bring 3D models to life as full-scale holograms
  • Structural engineers can see 3D designs in a completely immersive manner in real-time.
  • Achieve Building Information Modeling (BIM) integration and remote real-time collaboration.
  • View design schematics overlaid on top of the actual construction.
  • Workers can get a safety check popup on their AR headset.

Augmented reality for field service

Field technicians and SMEs

  • Deliver better field service by increasing collaboration
  • Field engineers will be able to see overlays describing equipment status
  • Subject matter experts (SMEs) can provide advice remotely
  • Annotations and 3D graphics can be sent to the technician’s AR headset.
  • AR headsets can carry out 3D object identification

AR Field Service Solution

Augmented reality for retailers

Ideal for brick-and-mortar stores

  • Provide interactive displays for consumers
  • Create AR-based billboards in malls and other public places.
  • Deploy AR-based apps in stores to give shoppers product information etc.
  • Shoppers can try on virtual clothes through AR-based smart mirrors.
  • Create virtual stores via an AR app in open spaces.
  • Home improvement stores can use it for product showcase and configuration.

Augmented reality in healthcare

Healthcare professionals

  • Hands-free access to patient data
  • Surgeons can use AR headsets during surgeries as an assistive tool.
  • EMTs can get help from ER doctors while dealing with critically injured patients.
  • Medical procedures can be explained in an easy-to-understand manner.
  • Medical colleges can leverage AR for training their students.


Augmented Reality in Marketing

Augmented Reality (AR) has the potential to change the way companies market their products and services. This white paper is meant to help companies create marketing strategies that take advantage of this revolutionary technology.

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Augmented reality apps & IoT – Making sense of the data deluge

AR apps are the perfect way to visualize large amounts of IoT data in a form that is easy to understand. IoT systems gather the data, data analytics involves processing and analyzing the data and AR apps deliver the results in the most user-friendly form possible.

  • Factory workers can see critical sensor data in a dashboard that is in their field of view.
  • Hands-free access to such data leads to faster repair time and quick decision-making.
  • Operators of heavy machinery can get real-time view of which parts need to be replaced.
  • Field technicians can instantly see a visual overlay of data and malfunctioning parts.
  • City officials can view all the smart city data in AR apps that allows them to envision hypothetical scenarios.

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AR success stories

Smart glass app for warehouse product pickup management

  • Pictures can be captured and shared through the server.
  • App understands voice commands to accelerate the process.
  • Augmented interface for seamless presentation of information.
  • It makes it easy for field workers to organize the movement of the product.
  • Users can view the product-related summary anywhere to rectify errors.
  • Sends details to the backend system using customized web services from the WMS.

Build your first AR App

Augmented FSM app for ATM maintenance

  • Machine history
  • Call status
  • Parts lookup and replacement
  • Time log and close call
  • Live video streaming with Skype for HoloLens

Build your first AR App

How we build your augmented reality application.

Companies can benefit from our proof of concept program that lets them get a hands-on experience on the AR headset before developing and implementing a full-scale project.

Conceptualization and user story

Our solution architects will understand your business needs and create a use case based on the problems identified.


Knowledge of Unity 3D or Unreal Engine is essential for AR app development along with expertise in C# and C++. These languages are second nature to us!


Creating an excellent AR app is just half the battle won! We also help you deliver your app to the right audience through our marketing expertise.


Only the best work with us because we are the best at what we do.

AR solutions for all platforms.


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