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The rapidly changing customer demands and increased market competitiveness have forced companies to innovate and offer better customer experiences. For large equipment and machineries, the problem of showcasing the product to the customer, getting the right specifications and offering a deal are plenty.

Organizations require an all-inclusive configure, price and quoting solution to present their products to customers with an interactive demonstration at the customers’ location. Our HoloLens Virtual CPQ solution arranges products in full or miniature scale and provides a shared virtual experience to ascertain equipment and installation details. It helps to showcase products easily and enables sales executives to generate a quote instantly for faster sales closures.

Features of our HoloLens Virtual CPQ solution

Softweb’s unique Virtual CPQ solution helps organizations to generate quotations from an integrated HoloLens app and a customized web portal. It comes with two application modes for online and offline.

Product management

Product management

A product library that helps companies to manage all the 3D representations of their products from the HoloLens to showcase them in detail.

  • Configure product specifications and details with accurate size and dimensions
  • Offer interactive 3D holograms to show product operation
  • Showcase product updates visually
  • Save the configuration to generate a quote

Quotation management

With CRM integration, you get real-time product quotes for customized client requirements. Quotes can be generated from the HoloLens or the backend web portal.

  • Select product from the list
  • Add additional information
  • Preview and generate a quote
  • View quotes
Quotation management

Give instant quotes to your customers

HoloLens Virtual CPQ solution for facilities with no internet


Prior to the visit

Download models into the HoloLens from the asset library and select the model to showcase.


At the facility

View the downloaded models in offline mode, select and virtually place models into the real environment and showcase product preview.


Post visit

Upload products back to the web portal, add other information related to the quotation and generate a quotation in real-time.

Reasons to implement Softweb’s Virtual CPQ solution

Without Virtual CPQ

With Virtual CPQ

No means to showcase a product

Showcase 3D interactive product holograms

Inability to share product updates to a remote sales team

Send product updates over the air to the sales team

Manual and repetitive process of quote creation

Streamline the entire quoting process and generate accurate quotes

No customizations or 3D product configuration

Offers personalized product experience and enable customization

No means to show engineering customer space constraints

Visually place and check the entire product operation before installation

Limitations for equipment selection and installation

Full library of virtual products with easy gestures and voice control

Fragmented and arduous sales closure process with longer closure rates

Increases the rate of quote approvals and enable faster deal closures

Why choose us

At Softweb Solutions, we specialize in creating and providing mixed reality applications that help organizations tackle numerous challenges. With our added expertise in digital technologies, we build and integrate HoloLens applications with multiple business systems and processes to create unique experiences that add value to our customers.

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