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The next hack talks about the location based offers based on people preferences and choices.The #SoftwebHackathon12 with team members Shail Deliwala, Asha Mandaliya, Jay Sukla and Jay Parikh presents their OfferMe in front of the Softweb audience. They come up with the local offers idea based on user interest.

  • Location based offer (no device – location service – background tasks – based on user interest) (Here is the deal)
  • Gesture based password activation (Google glass)
  • Augmentable [Task execution via webcam-based pattern recognition]
  • Google Search Appliances

Hardware Requirement

  • Beacon (2-3)
  • Google Glass
  • iPhone – 2
  • Android Phone – 2
  • Windows Phone – 2
Following are the main highlights:

  • Get offers on the Go
  • Wide range offers categories to choose from.
  • Freedom to choose what they want, when they want
  • Wide Market area for business
  • Eliminates levels of indirection between providers and consumers 
  • Shows local offers around your device
  • Less Spam more information
While other teams were thinking and creating something global, this team came with local offers idea that is based on people’s interests. So this is what actually excites us about this innovative idea. Ofcourse, there are so many choices and preferences in this Ecommerce industry today and everyone have big offerings to entice potential customers. But what matters most is what customer prefers!
So the team strikes well with their idea and stunning presentation.
The hack is on and many more ideas lined-up to pitch well with their innovative tone.

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