Monthly Roundup – June 2014

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What a month June has been! Midway through the year, the highlight for the tech world was Apple’s annual developer event, the WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference) held in California. Innovation seems to be the mantra in 2014 and here is a roundup of the top posts on our blog, for the month of June.

1) Apple’s iBeacon for Retailers

A new way to conduct business, we got a firsthand look at the iBeacon and how it will benefit retailers and consumers alike.

2) Healthkit and Health App in iOS 8

How Apple’s foray into healthcare goes beyond the present smart fitness devices, and how those devices will be able to integrate with the Health App. The tie-up with Mayo Clinic and Epic Systems gives us an idea of how far the Healthkit is aiming to go.

3) Homekit – Home Automation in iOS 8

The tech major has delved into the Home Automation by partnering with corporations like Philips and Honeywell amongst others, for better handling of sensitive data whilst providing a seamless way to automate the home.

4) The upcoming iOS 8 and its multiple features

A comprehensive list (from the WWDC) describing the significant iOS 8 features and how they will be helpful to users enterprises and developers.

5) CarPlay in iOS 8

Unlike earlier Bluetooth pairings, we were shown the enhancements to in-car entertainment and connectivity. Navigate with maps on your screen, dial and receive calls, send and receive messages, listen to music from an increasing app list, Siri for voice input and output, all in the comfort of your car.

6) Apple’s iBeacon for Enterprises

Apart from retailers and consumers, we learned how iBeacon is going to become indispensable to Enterprise Mobility and how it will fuel the BYOD movement.

7) The growing need of Enterprise App Stores

We cited key reasons for Enterprises to implement an application store and the various strategies required for successful implementation of an EAS and how it will drive productivity within the organization.

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