Softweb ranked #25 among the top 100 digital companies in Chicago

In 2013, Chicago digital technology companies grew by twenty-one percent in this financial year in comparison to 2012. According to Built In Chicago the digital technology is growing rapidly—and like the booming technology sector backed by more than 40,000 people in 2013, compared to 33,000 in 2012. Built In Chicago also calculated that more than one thousand five hundred digital technology companies have offices in the city. The number of digital technology companies who had started their new business grew by 32% over the 2011 is a good sign -means in every single day one company had started their business (367 startup launched in 2012).

“We are pleased to announce that Softweb Solutions is one of the top position holders in Top 100 Digital Companies in Chicago. This will help us become much more efficient with our products and services,” said Mr. Ripal Vyas, President, Softweb Solutions. “We are sure this ranking will further strengthen our integrated toolsets to improve business outcomes for our customers. “Hats off to the team at Softweb Solutions for making this happen!”

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