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The Softweb hackathon turned out to be a fun event with 15 different teams of engineers participating. Aside from being a great learning experience it was also an opportunity to meet other people in the company with a shared passion for gleaning insights from emerging and leading technology ideas. We also used this event as an opportunity to explore various different, and we would like to share some of our interesting findings with you.

15 teams geared and pitched their hacks to a panel of judges which included Mr. Ripal Vyas, CEO of Softweb Solutions, Mr. Kaushal K Gandhi Vice President of Softweb Solutions, Mr. Kaushik Chauhan Project Manager and Mr. Hitesh N. Patel General Manager with the entire Softweb audience. Hacks covered the gamut of Internet technology from beacons to wearables- smartwatches and Google glasses, Internet of Things (IoT) and even Raspberry Pi.
Smart Presenter
The Hack One by team #SoftwebHackathon1 which includes team member Abhisek Yadav, Nikhil Solanki, Hiral Patel, Chinmaya Upadhyay, and Nishit Bhavsar who lead the team to present their hack in front of the judges and audience.
The first team of Softweb Hackathon came up with an idea to create a Smart Presenter which is basically an application. The Smart Presenter app facilitates the presenter with documents in real time. And with the help of admin and client panel presenter have a full control on the presentation. Similarly when presenter swipe on the document screen, it will automatically get swiped on all user’s screen. In this way you can present many audiences at many places by controlling your single device.
Smart Presenter gives you the power to present your presentation without any projector or LCD. Audience’s devices will be their projector which connects through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The app lets you open your presentations for review and let you edit lines of text. Once done, connect the audience with admin login and you are all set to go. When presenter slides the slide in his device the same action takes place in audience’s devices. Make notes or changes on the go, it will automatically get saved in the devices connected through app.
The hack was to create an app based on the above mentioned idea within 24 hours. Team splits into different parts with different work responsibility and the geek coders’ sets their techno environment to code round the clock for next hours. Team #SoftwebHackathon1 completed their project on time and submits it successfully, yet there was another round of presentation in front of the jury as well as Softweb audience. They dig it well and presented smarter with their smart presenter.
Why Smart Presenter?

  • Easy job for presenter to keep everyone on the same page
  • Presenter can manage larger audiences
  • Avoid the use of expensive projectors or LCDs
  • Save time and money on set-up and installations
Where you can use Smart Presenter?

  • Product launching events
  • Conferences
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Museums
  • Parliaments
That’s how first team come up with their smart idea and they have given their futuristic insight how one can use this application to present smartly on different yet connected devices from anywhere, anytime. What’s the next hack at Softweb Hackathon?

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