SharePoint Online: The Complete Solution for the Global Chemical Expert

Author : Nikhil Acharya   Posted :

ChemQuest wanted to replace its obsolete system for managing and retrieving documents with an improved internal and external information management system. They wanted a system that can help them to manage the project time-lines and prioritize ChemQuest’s time–sensitive deliverables.

Following a series of consultations with key stakeholders, Softweb Solutions helped ChemQuest by developing a centralized management solution for project and document management. We also designed a custom SharePoint Online solution with an intuitive user interface.

SharePoint Online is being used by 80% of fortune 500 companies as their preferred document and project management system. – Independent Report

Key Features

  • Google Feed integration.
  • Pull out old data.
  • Contacts Management.
  • Automated Market Research.
  • Customer Management

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