What Salesforce Lightning is and how it simplifies your sales process

Author : Sulakshana Iyer   Posted :

It is very important for a business to move from obsolete development tools to new advanced ones for improving their capabilities and productivity. The modern businesses are more dynamic and your sales team needs good data in Salesforce to find out just-in-time information about your customers and prospects, which will help them sell smarter and faster.

If your sales team is still using the Salesforce Classic, then you must upgrade to the new Lightning Experience for innovative features and a comprehensive CRM tool that assists in taking your business to a new level.

Salesforce Lightning Experience: The Future of CRM

The new Salesforce Lightning experience offers greater flexibility and is very helpful while creating various modern enterprise apps. It also ensures an ideal balance between desktop and mobile platforms for offering a personalized experience to each user group. The tool can be extensively used for addressing the drawbacks in the user interface (UI) and helps in changing various items for customized instances.

The Lightning Experience combines three important elements:

  • The new Lightning Design System
  • Lightning App Builder and
  • Lightning Components

Salesforce Lightning is also one of the most dynamic multi-tenant, next-generation metadata platforms that provides a consistent, modern user experience across all the devices. Besides, business users can effortlessly and quickly build custom apps with the Salesforce Lightning App Builder. So now they can have all the data and intelligence they want when they are on the go.

Some of the sales-centric Salesforce Lightning features

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