Creating a safer manufacturing environment with mobile solutions

Safer Manufacturing
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Manufacturing companies are embracing mobile solutions to increase productivity, improve upon their quality processes and for better inventory management. But one of the biggest benefits of implementing mobile solutions in your manufacturing unit is that mobility can also increase the safety of your plant and employees.

IoT enabled devices and mobile solutions together can significantly reduce the safety hazards in large manufacturing facilities.  This blog post offers some use cases of how mobility solutions can help manufacturing companies.

Without Mobility

John, a technician at an auto parts company arrives at work and discovers that one of the machines is making a loud screeching noise. He knows that this is not a good sign, but needs a second opinion on what to do. He goes to the supervisor’s office to tell him about the problem, but he has not taken down the machine’s serial number. John has to go back with a pad and write down the serial number along with other details that his supervisor needs. The supervisor then enters the number on the supplier’s website through his desktop computer.

The supplier’s helpline is also not very helpful since the engineer at the other end cannot see the machine and says that he will have to make a trip to the factory to see what’s wrong with the machine. Till then, he advises John to shut down the machine. This will result in decreased production, but John and his supervisor decide that it’s better to be safe than sorry. The supervisor tells John that once the machine is up and running again, he will have to do overtime to make up for the lost time.

With Mobility

When John is on his way to work, he gets an alert on his smartphone telling him that the machine that he works on is displaying data that shows something’s wrong with it. John is able to forward the machine’s serial number along with the data readings to the supplier. But the time he arrives at his factory, the supplier’s engineer has figured out the problem. The engineer then helps John walk through some routine tests and helps John fix the machine.

John saves his time, the factory’s production is hardly affected and the machine is safe to work on once again.


Leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) to Set Up a Smart Factory

It looks like the manufacturing industry is set to see some evolutionary changes with connected factory, offices, supply chain, etc. As IoT gets prominence


Mobility on the factory floor

This is just one example of how the mobile solutions can help manufacturing companies. Companies need to have Machine-to-Machine communication for taking advantage of mobility benefits. This can be done by installing sensors and beacons in their assembly lines, machinery and throughout the shop floor.

Mobile applications that can access data from legacy applications running on the desktop can help plant supervisors. Beacons placed throughout the factory floor can help plant supervisors know where their employees and products are in real-time. This is not just good for monitoring but also for sending alerts and notifications to employees in case of a safety incident.

Employees get checklists on their smartphones

Manufacturing companies can build mobile applications that give employees checklists, manuals and safety instructions which they can carry with them on their smartphone or tablet. Mobilizing training programs is one way to keep your employees up-to-date.

These are just some of the ways that manufacturing companies can implement mobile solutions in the workplace for improved safety.

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