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Most of us, by now, are familiar with chatbots; in fact, many of us have already had a conversation with them on various channels like Facebook Messenger, Slack, Webchat, Skype, and more. World-renowned brands are adopting chatbots to provide quick customer service and to enhance customer experiences. Enterprises are also developing AI powered chatbots and deploying multiple chatbots for in-house use to streamline their internal digital workflows.

Chatbots have been successfully embraced as a new-generation technological solution by many leading companies. To be honest, building intelligent chatbots has turned out to be less expensive than building exclusive mobile applications, and besides, they have a lot more functionalities to offer.

Now, imagine building several chatbots for your brand – and think of deploying them for different workflow components. For instance, an organization can have multiple chatbots for internal use like admin bot, human resource bot, sales, and marketing bot, accounting bot, customer care bot, and many more. Building specific work purpose chatbots would ease many back-end tasks and help to save a huge amount of time for organizations regardless of any industry.

So get excited! We have something to offer you.

Introducing ALAN

ALAN – is our robust AI-powered enterprise chatbot platform. It is our chatbot builder platform that is carefully crafted and designed with the potential to serve millions of users at the same time. It will allow you to build NLP ready chatbots with multi-functionalities that can be quickly deployed on multiple channels to streamline processes.

Alan is similar to a toolset with which you can effortlessly create, train, deploy, and manage chatbots for your enterprise. You can choose to build a chatbot with any functionalities of your choice, and easily deploy for anywhere in your IT infrastructure, for both B2B and B2C purposes.

Using Alan, you will be able to leverage chatbots with artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies for your business operations. The best part about Alan is that it requires no coding skills, and it is designed with a drag-and-drop interface that even a non-technical person can use to quickly create a chatbot for any task. It can be hosted at the company’s data center or on the cloud, and you can choose this option based on your IT infrastructure requirements. You will have full control over Alan including the code and even the maintenance components of it.

Most importantly, you will be able to integrate any major CRM and ERP systems with Alan and conveniently deploy the chatbot on any popular channels.

Alan’s full-fledged capabilities

  • Leverage Alan’s amazing functional features like personalized authentication, authorization, custom knowledge base, business logic, LOB app integrations, chatbot administration, channel configurator and workflow configurator.
  • The bots created by Alan have image and speech recognition capabilities due to the integration of Microsoft Vision API and Speech API
  • Alan’s language understanding capabilities are backed by NLP using Microsoft LUIS.
  • The bots can be deployed on any of the popular social messaging applications or your in-house applications.
  • Web API is supported by Alan – to store and simply search information from the database. Azure Machine Learning is used to power the recommended engine.
  • Alan can also be integrated into the connector for information extraction, and the Rest API will simply connect you to third-party API and Data Lake.


Our enterprise chatbot solution – Alan will help to manage your organization by automating your business processes through internal and external streamlining of operations. By adopting Alan into your enterprise, you will also incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) based chatbot technology in your business to save overall operational time and promote active user interactions with your brand.

If you wish to know more about Alan and how you can implement it in your enterprise, kindly get in touch with our experts.

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