6 benefits of mobile advertising – The latest trend in marketing

Mobility has changed the course of work and mobile applications have become the order of the day. There is an increase in the usage of mobile devices, and the numbers are expected to rise with every passing year.In such times it has become almost impossible for businesses to deny the potential of this tool for increased business opportunities and for driving improved performance.

Marketing has attained different colors with mobility and mobile advertising has opened new opportunities for business.

Advertising through the mobile platform is an attractive option that is sure to pay off by leaps and bounds

Today, mobile advertising has grown to its full potential and businesses have made huge profits with this platform. Mobile ads hit the right target audience at their point of need. This makes it more effective and popular as a marketing strategy.

Benefits of Mobile Advertising

  • The market for mobile advertising is expected to grow to 1.5 billion by 2013, according to a recent survey. Businesses are thinking of leveraging this platform for enhancing opportunities and driving performance. It becomes mandatory for organizations to utilize mobile ads to cater to a wider market.
  • It is a cost- effective means of marketing the company’s products and services. It is less expensive than all the other traditional means of propagating the brand. It saves the money put for printing ads and proves to be a more effective medium of increasing sales.
  • It addresses the targeted audience at their point of need. Smartphone users always keep their devices within their hands reach, and keep checking it regularly. A mobile ad creates excitement among the customers and also encourages them to talk about it in their friends’ circle. It encourages free publicity and can actually increase the product sale.
  • It can be easily used to build a customer database. When customers opt to receive an ad then that information can be used for customer retention and loyalty marketing. This ensures that the customers stick to a particular brand and gain its discounts and deals.
  • Mobile ads prove to be more personal and intimate. Customers are likely to pay more heed to an advertisement that is promoted on the mobile platform than any other mode.
  • It definitely frees the marketer from the barriers of time and location. As mobile devices always accompany customers everywhere, they can receive it anytime, anywhere. Also, it remains stored within the cellphone for future reference.

Mobile advertising is a vast field and there are many modes of advertising prevalent within this broad spectrum. It includes text messaging, paid search advertising, mobile display ads, app advertising, proximity advertising, and many more.

Due to all these benefits, businesses are planning to make mobile advertising an inclusive tool within their marketing strategy. Organizations have reported to gain increased benefits from mobile advertisements and continue to invest in it for higher returns.

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Businesses worldwide are considering mobile advertising as a part of their marketing program to enhance business outcomes. It is the current trend in the marketing world and seems to stay for quite some time now.

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