An auto-data validation tool to help in better inventory management

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When the hackathon was announced, we started brainstorming for coming up with some innovative ideas. At this time, we were working on enhancing our in-house mobile sales app – ZUNA. We decided that the best way to use our 24 hours was to work on adding a feature to it that would help enterprises in inventory management.

(L to R: Bhoomika Rabadiya, Dipa Nakrani, Rahul Solanki and Virendra Raj)
So our project was an auto data validation tool which would work with MS Excel and other spreadsheets.
Many people told us to make something different. And we again thought about some more ideas but finally decided to stick with the Excel automated tool…. we wanted to choose a project that could be finished in 24 hours!
Basic purpose and market potential……

  • The Excel automated tool is a computer program that allows importing data in bulk in any website from Excel.
  • In any Content Management System like Flipkart, Amazon, one common task is to show Product Catalog Data from System.
  • So one common necessity in such systems is to upload thousands of products in bulk entry and it is very hard to enter the details of products one by one manually.
  • The tool also provides the verification of data and mapping to the System. It can validate different types of required data like Not Nullable , Integer , Boolean, Date, Double types for particular Field Data.
  • It also shows Successful and Unsuccessful Data Records Count.
  • This tool can be used as an OpenSource API Library which any one can use individually.
  • We can also enhance this tool to integrate SAP, Salesforce or other third party Tools and fetch data from it.
  • It can also be developed to map multiple Excel files.

Our experience during the Hackathon…. 
The Hackathon started off with great excitement and we were given the hashtag of #softwebhackathon10!
We started a little late so tension was high in our team initially but by evening we completed many things so felt a bit relaxed. But little bugs from the code made us crazy!!
One bug was, if and else both condition executed :), change cell color – took 3 to 4 hours after midnight..
And yes, all the games during the Hackathon were very exciting which we enjoyed them as much as the coding!
When BigBoss (our office’s version of Big Brother!) asked all the participants to dance at our respective places it was a little embarrassing, but Bhoomika joined me and we danced as if nobody was watching us 🙂 Just kidding. We danced a bit in front of everybody : )
Throughout the night, the other three members from my team worked and played, and Bhoomika and Virendra both won prizes in different games!
I missed out on all this fun and when I saw all the pics in the morning on Whatsapp, I felt ohhhhhhhhh .. Y did I miss all this?

Tension …….
The tension started when it was our presentation time and we had to talk in front of everybody and we had not prepared for it! 🙁 High Blood Pressure and fast heart beeps…all that stuff started 🙁
So finally we presented our PPT with last moment preparation and because of that it wasn’t as good as the ones from the marketing guys. But we are programmers and our focus was on coding, and we didn’t concentrate on the presentation part.
We finished the whole concept in around 20 hours, within the time limitation, isn’t that a great thing? With headache and all such hurdles we came to an end. We got the ‘Fantastic Four/Five’ certificate! 🙂
But overall we enjoyed a lottttttttttttttttttttttttt! Yes such events make us more active in real life. It is for us to find our real strength. We come to know how far we can go. How much further we could have gone. How much we can push ourselves if we want something and actually we hardly do so.
We would like to give a big thanks to Ripal Vyas and Kaushik Chauhan for arranging this great Hackathon. (I would definitely like to know where did you get this idea? We all loved it a lot.) And a big thanks to my team members as well who worked with me in this great event.
And Softweb Solutions for everything (food , cold drinks, snacks and songs …. 🙂 )
Here is the certificate that we got 🙂

Author: Dipa Nakrani

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