Growing influence of Android OS over global mobile market

According to the Tech News Report in the year 2012 – “Android Operating System leads with approximate 60% mobile market share.”

Android – Google’s Operating System has amazing influence over mobile market globally. Major mobile device manufacturers are completely dependent on this OS which includes – Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, and others. Moreover, today Samsung is considered as world’s top most mobile device manufacturer and seller, because of Android OS.

The increasing demand and adoption rate of Android OS has resulted to accelerated market for Android application development.

Some facts from Quarter 1, 2013 Reports from various Resources –

  • Android platform has the highest Q1 2013 mobile penetration, with 543.6 million users worldwide aged between 16 – 64.
  • Android doesn’t dominate tablet market worldwide but it is expected that Android will grab nearly 80% of Smartphone users and nearly 70% of tablet users by the year 2016.
  • Though iOS owns 53% of US Smartphone market, globally it just owns 16% share.
  • According to the stats from Gartner, Samsung mobile phones captured 23.6% of the market worldwide with more than 100 million units sold and Samsung Smartphone’s captured 30.8% of the market globally with 64.7 million units sold.
  • In terms of operating system, in the first quarter of the year 2013 approximate 74% of Smartphone’s are running on Android OS globally.

Reach of Android Platform

Android platform was introduced by Andy Rubin before 10 years and initially it was designed for Smartphone’s and tablet computers. Later in the year 2005, Google bought Android Inc and unveiled the first version of the OS in the year 2007.

Since the launch of its first version, Android gained all its popularity in 2008 and it is continuously rising in the mobile market. Today, it powers the devices of more than 70 percent Smartphone users. Moreover, almost every year or sometimes twice a year, Google introduces its latest version of its mobile OS. Recently, the latest version of Android OS – Jellybeans was released and it possesses many new advanced features.

Android is increasingly growing and getting popular –

  • Total Android activations have risen from 100 million to 400 million mobile devices
  • Approximately 1 million mobile devices are activated every day worldwide
  • There have been more than 20 billion applications installs across Google Play, and now 600,000 games and apps are available for its users.

In the Smartphone industry, Google began with Android operating system from scratch and today it has become as one of the most popular operating systems. Moreover, Google always come up with new innovative and useful features with each of its new version release.

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