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How awesome it would be if you can easily listen to the music that your buddy is listening online? For shaping up an idea for Hackathon; we, Team #SoftwebHackathon6, wanted to do something very, very unique and useful! We are basically a bunch of music loving programmers so this idea is the most realistic one we could come up with!
The brainstorming sessions brought the best out of us. We came up with an app concept, which we named ‘SongSharing.’ The app will let you listen to the music which your buddy is listening online. You can see a list of the top songs that your friends are listening to and they can share those songs with you.
Team 6
(L to R: Aarshin Dave, Yograjsinh Rathod, Vasant Prajapati, Hiten Saresa, Kaushal Patel)
Scope of the app
The purpose of SongSharing app is nothing but providing a hassle free online music streaming experience. We wanted something which does not pose any copyright issues while allowing multiple users to listen to the same copyrighted music. In the process, nobody needs to download anything from internet which naturally leads to issueless listening.

We started working on the concept immediately. We wanted to code the logic which allows a judicious reshuffling of songs as per the listeners taste. If you prefer to listen to a particular category of songs, you would see the songs of that kind lining up in your queue. The reality is always hard and there we needed to code a reasonable amount of codes as our plans progressed into a workshop.
The app is smart enough to find, play, and share any song from the entire music list or from a paid source. The user needs to follow friends to see the latest songs they are sharing. The app users can even create a playlist with their friends and can Like, Comment, Share it on social media.
What were the fun moments?
We soon found things are falling in place with all of us coming up with plausible ideas and logics together and creating a marvelous app that would easily be loved by all music lovers. Needless to say, we had enough fun while making it at off hours with lots of out of the ordinary work. The fun quotient perked up when Hackathon organizers arranged fun games for the participants including an impromptu dance performance which we enjoyed the most.
Unique features of the app:

  • Song uploading
  • Streaming songs from node server
  • Notification on activity to followers (e.g. user gets a notification when a song is uploaded )
  • Sharing feature to followers 
  • Sharing feature using social media


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