How to ensure employee safety at workplace post the COVID-19 pandemic

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It has been a few months now that the world is fighting with the COVID-19 pandemic. There are several changes that people have incorporated into their lifestyles to prevent themselves from catching the disease which has been tagged as ‘the new normal’. It is said that change is the law of nature and change is inevitable and speaking about the current situation, change is the need of the hour.

Though due to the current pandemic, most of us are working from home to stay safe, but this will not be the scenario forever. How long can employees continue to work from home? There are a lot of protocols that employees have to follow and coordinate with different teams and departments to execute a project. Hence, sooner or later, employees will have to return to the corporate world.

Henceforward, there is an immense need for bringing about several changes in the workplace as well. Not only in the workplace, but also in how people commute, enter workplaces, communicate with each other, etc.

So now, as the world carefully relaxes the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, many of us will have to restart going to the office on a daily basis. Though countries are claiming to have developed successful vaccines, it is yet in the process. The picture is not clear yet and it will take some time to reach the population.

Therefore, to deal with such a situation, we have to incorporate safety and security solutions for COVID-19 and put our efforts to start our lives peacefully again.

Here we have enlisted and described a few major areas that organizations must work upon to function smoothly when they re-open the office premises for business:

1. Contactless access control systems

The first and foremost step would be to identify the areas in the office where most employees come near each other. Employers must ensure that they make arrangements to avoid people from gathering at any place. The prime area would be the entry point. To avoid gathering for check-in at the entrance gate, employers must incorporate technology-driven modern trackers like facial recognition, contactless biometrics screening and palm vein scanning technology. This would facilitate companies to record every employee’s entry by maintaining a safe distance.

Companies can also deal with visitor entries in their premises by generating digital passes automatically and avoid interactions with their personnel.

2. Thermal screening

Considering the current pandemic situation, Federal governments have made thermal screening mandatory and every company has to conduct it. They have to measure the temperature of every employee when they enter the office premises.

Where manual screening is time-consuming, employees will have to wait at the office entrance and may come into close contact with each other. This would go against the present rules of social distancing and increase the risk of infection.

Hence, organizations must make use of advanced technologies like thermal imaging, artificial intelligence, thermal cameras for temperature screening of the body-temperature of employees. These methods would facilitate the screening process in an automated manner without any human interference or human touch. Companies can also use AI-based tablets with thermal scanners and thermal imaging cameras for this purpose.

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3. Detection of a face mask with AI

Ever since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, International Government Organizations have suggested that people must wear masks when they are in public places to minimize the spread of the disease.

When people neglect to wear a mask, they not only put themselves into the risk of catching the disease, but also put others at the same risk. Since this is a contagious disease, every infected person may infect several others who come in their contact in no time.
Companies must integrate an AI-powered face mask detection system in place, for spotting if everyone entering the office premises, may it be an employee or a visitor, is wearing a mask.

A face mask detection system with AI would not only detect people without a mask, but it will also send alerts to supervisors in an otherwise situation to take strict actions against them and prohibit their entry into the office premises.

4. Real-time people counting solution

It is not easy to change the way we humans have always been and behaved. And the same applies to our adjustment to ‘the new normal’ when it comes to maintaining social distancing. And hence, we need to incorporate systems that keep a check on employees continuously.

Innovative technology applications can prove to be a boon for everyone in such situations. Employee monitoring solutions can count the number of employees and visitors entering and leaving the premises by monitoring employees in real-time. It can also check that everyone is maintaining social distance and following the rules.

One such innovative solution is people counting cameras. These cameras can capture real-time data and count the number of employees present on a floor and send alerts in case there is an increase in the permitted count.

5. Other steps to ensure worker safety

Encourage remote working
Companies must identify the job roles that can be carried out efficiently without being present at the office premises. They must encourage employees with those profiles to continue to work from home for some more time. This would help in two ways. One, companies will have to monitor and manage less number of employees on their premises. And second, this can help in maintaining social distancing rules more efficiently.

Adoption of rigorous cleaning procedures in office premises
The office premises must be cleaned and sanitized several times a day. Companies must install sensor-based dustbins and sanitizer dispensers that can send alerts in case they are full or empty. This would make it easy to empty the dustbin when full and refill the sanitizer when empty and avoid any discomfort for the employees.

The final say

The current pandemic situation has become an eye-opener for every human being. No doubt it has brought the whole world together to find a solution and deal with the situation. Companies all over the world have realized the significance of digital offerings in workplace settings. This situation will get better with time, but we must stay prepared to deal with any of the situations that may arise in the future.

Is your office future-ready to deal with upcoming challenges at the workplace? Have you ensured that your workforce feels safe to re-join the office? Integrating COVID-19 workplace safety solutions is a must to raise the bar of employee safety in your organization and induce a healthy work-life. To know more about it in detail, talk to our experts.

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