Softweb Solutions Announces Racana– Revolutionizing Working with Documents

Chicago, Illinois – It is an immense pleasure for Softweb Solutions to announce its new product “Racana” which is a mobile document management software developed recently.

It is specifically tailored, designed, and developed for those companies, who are working with documents (hard or soft copies) which need to be centrally managed, stored, retrieved, and distributed in a hassle free environment.

Racana is tailored for enterprises who are using lots of documentation, which needs coordination and collaboration among employees. If you are already using a Document Management System then Racana is the right choice for you. And if you don’t used yet, go for it and become document savvy today. The tremendous features of Racana enable the user to search by the description. User can review the documents and can pass the document with signing and annotating it with total version control. Through third party integration user can communicate with each other and send emails, information, and send instant updates with push notification feature anywhere anytime. Documents can be auto sync to make the fresh copy of the file on the server. With the pre-configured cloud storages user can email and retrieve the important documents, review it, and then send it instantly irrespective of location. A powerful solution goes beyond the conventional capture and storage of documents. Inbuilt workflow functions can be totally customized to fit specific business processes thereby automating them to improve efficiency and productivity. The user can extract the documents in PDF format.

“When user gets overwhelmed by documents then the perfect solution is digital document management software”, stated Mr. Ripal Vyas, President of Softweb Solutions. He further added that it has been a big challenge for the documentation team to work effectively and efficiently. The problem is that many enterprises have to deal with mixes of old-fashioned data on paper and electronic files – and in many cases, the proportion of paper data is much larger. It’s incredibly challenging for the documentation team to store, manage, retrieve and distribute in a sophisticated way. Our Product development center came across various barriers of development and have built a unified solution to streamline the tedious process of document management. About Softweb Solutions

About Softweb Solutions:

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