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We help ISVs develop software products based on our experience across the entire software product development cycle. Software vendors can work with us to develop SaaS, MBaaS, cloud based products or installed software for a variety of industries and users. We have helped companies build software that is used by enterprises all over the world. By partnering with us, you get faster time-to-market, accelerated innovation and good ROI of the solutions that you want to develop.

Software Product Engineering Services
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Software product development solutions that we work on

Enterprise Software

We have created software products using .NET, Java, PHP, Python and other technologies for enterprises. You can tap into our expertise of 10+ years to build industry specific software for the B2B or B2C markets. This includes, but is not limited to, ordering portals, billing systems, eCommerce platforms, payroll sites etc.

Software as a Service and Cloud-based Products

If you are interested in building enterprise grade SaaS applications, we can help you with that. Our SaaS product development services cover project management systems, CRM & ERP applications, sales & marketing portals, just to name a few. Our developers can build extremely scalable and fault-tolerant cloud-based products.

Full range of custom software product development services

Product Roadmap

Startups that are looking for funding, ISVs and other organizations that are planning to develop products for new markets can all benefit from our product roadmap service.The first step is our workshop which will be hosted on your premises. This will help you convince your stakeholders and partners on the importance of your idea.

Our product designers and engineers will then ideate and conceptualize your ideas into a concrete product with a roadmap on how to achieve it.

At the end of the workshop, you will get a clear picture on cost estimates, time-to-market, how to build a good UX and the support cycle needed for the product.

Product Viability Study

Market research is an important component of the product development lifecycle. On our part, we will help you gather market information, analyze market trends and help you decide on the pricing model.

A SWOT analysis will help you identify your unique angle in the market. This step also involves a technical feasibility study in order to understand if your company has the technological resources to undertake such a project.

Product Prototyping

Our product prototyping services can help you confirm the viability of your concept at a fraction of the cost of traditional product development tools and processes.

Based on the information exchange, we will help you come up with a project estimate, set up delivery milestones, carry out user testing, gather feedback from stakeholders, and a realistic view on what issues can come up and how to solve them. At the end of this stage you will have a clear picture on the technical feasibility of the product.

We also help you choose the right technology stack. For the back-end technologies, we help you choose the right web framework, programming language, database, web server and the operating system.

The front-end tech stack is made up of HTML, CSS, JavaScript frameworks such as Node.js, AngularJS, ReactJS etc and mobile apps written in Objective-C or Java. Our solution architects decide on which particular technology is right for you based on your business needs, target market and the devices used by your end users.

Minimum Viable Product

We can help you build a minimum viable product quickly and without costing a fortune. This is possible because our developers keep up to date with the latest development methodologies. This means a faster time to market and even a first mover advantage for you.

Your customers can start using the product and give you real world feedback which you can then incorporate in the next iteration of your product.

Product Engineering

When it comes to building products, our developers use the latest open source and proprietary tools, the cloud, mobile apps, Big Data and IoT systems; whatever is the best possible technology in that particular scenario.

Our application development services allow you to carry out product testing, develop new features, integration with third-party applications, configurations and deployment.

You can shorten your release cycles and reduce development costs. We develop products that work in both on-premises and cloud environments.

Product Reengineering

Do you want to add new features to your existing products? Legacy migration projects with us mean an opportunity to not just add a few features but revamping your existing products and improving their performance.To do this, the first step is a product assessment. We carry out a thorough analysis of your product and suggest recommendations – whether the product UI needs makeover or performance issues at the database level or needs feature enhancement etc.

By using our product reengineering services you can update your applications to ensure that they are leveraging the latest technologies and are compatible with all the major operating systems, browsers and enhance the user experience.

This will help you eliminate issues in your products, improve user acceptance, add scalability, move to the cloud, carry out mobile application development and adopt other new technologies.

Overall, this will make your product more competitive. All this is done by undertaking code restructuring and refactoring, platform migration, database migration and UX modernization. Your products will be available on new operating systems and devices.

We also carry out performance testing of all the products that we work on. This helps us optimize the product’s performance.

Our product reengineering services also include migrating your products to the cloud or from a perpetual licensing model to a SaaS model.

Maintenance and Support

After the completion of the development and reengineering process, product support and maintenance is also critical. This includes developing a patch management strategy, providing quality assurance services and remote software support to ensure that your products are kept in running condition.

Our developers can assist you in maintaining the older versions of your products, provide tech support and bug fixes and, help you to handle customer issues related to your products. All of this ensures that you are able to focus on your core business while we take care of the rest.

How ISVs can overcome software product development challenges

Launching a successful product in the software industry is something that many independent software vendors plan to do, but very few are successful in converting their plans into reality.

A software product development process involves multiple stages and ISVs of all sizes can benefit from implementing this practice in the correct manner. This involves product prototyping, developing a minimum viable product, product reengineering, maintenance and support.


Why Softweb is the ideal choice as a product development partner

Softweb Solutions has extensive experience across various domains and in enterprise systems compared to other software product development companies which are often just IT outsourcing companies.

At Softweb, we have built large scale products for startups and even Fortune 500 companies, carried out legacy application migrations and numerous integration projects. Our extensive experience in .NET, Java and PHP application development along with our consulting work makes us the ideal product development partner.

  • 10+ years of experience on building enterprise products
  • Microsoft Certified Partner and Azure IoT Partner
  • Developers who follow the best-of-breed industry coding practices along with having multiple certifications.
  • Project managers who implement development methodologies and tools such as Scrum, Kanban, DevOps, Agile and CI.
  • Domain experts from various industries such as payroll, banking, eCommerce, financial services, etc
  • Softweb’s project managers have good understanding of various stages of products as well as the full product lifecycle management.

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