Beacon-enabled mobile app for ShopperTrak

Remote patient monitoring system to improve healthcare

Better sales performance with SAP and Salesforce integration

HoloLens application for Augmented experience of artificial lift for the oil field

HoloLens application allowed the GE team to showcase a prototype of their new product to customers in the oil-field quicker and cheaper than traditional physical models or 3D-printed designs. Virtual prototyping greatly simplified the process eliminating tedious scaling problems and 3D print quality issues commonly experienced in demonstrating detailed prototypes of new products.

  • Applying texture and lighting on the 3D model
  • Placing model on table or floor using TapToPlace feature
  • Revolving feature allows the user to revolve the object to visualize the 360 degree view
  • The navigation option will allow the user to zoom in, zoom out, scale (0 to 6 feet), and exit the model
  • Cursor object placement will help the user to Gaze the holographic model

Smart Glass app for warehouse product pickup management

  • Pictures can be captured and shared through the server.
  • App understands voice commands to accelerate the process.
  • Augmented interface for seamless presentation of information.
  • It makes it easy for field workers to organize the movement of the product.
  • Users can view the product-related summary anywhere to rectify errors, if any.
  • Sends details to the backend system using customized web services from the WMS.

Ingersoll Rand pilots IoT solution for remote monitoring and predictive analysis

IoT technology is making it easier for Ingersoll Rand to send operational data to our unique IoT platform, IoTConnect, where it can be thoroughly analyzed to better understand how the equipment is functioning. This helps them to:

  • Reduce unscheduled downtime
  • Maintenance of their equipment in real-time
  • Real-time data analysis
  • Minimizing shipping cost
  • Detecting machine failures

Remote monitoring of galvanization process for a leading power transmission and distribution company

Softweb Solutions provided a robust IoT platform, IoTConnect, for real-time data analysis of the client’s manual as well as automated machines. This enabled them to enhance the productivity of acid dozing and galvanization processes and reduce costs.

  • Real-time monitoring of the galvanized layer of thickness
  • Time counting automation for galvanization process
  • Smart notifications/alerts and reports on mobile app
  • Maintains thermal accuracy for the right amount of zinc coating

Smart factory that accelerates industry 4.0 initiatives

  • The sensors for humidity, temperature, light, noise, vibration and volatile organic compounds were installed throughout the factory.
  • The data is transmitted and stored in the cloud using Microsoft Azure services.
  • Factory employees can see the data and alerts on their mobile app.
  • The R Analytics gives the company predictive analysis, which results in automated decision making.

Smart Building solution using IoTConnect

  • Device management and role-based access
  • Easier temperature regulation due to mobile / web access
  • Sensors collect data which is presented visually for analysis
  • Reduced installation costs with the help of low cost sensors
  • Reduced energy consumption and resultant cost due to data analysis
  • Mobile / web access to equipment information reduces maintenance costs
  • Smart parking solution saves at least 40 hours of cumulative employee time per day

Better sales performance with SAP and Salesforce integration

  • Improves customer relationship
  • All data is secured and backed up
  • Ability to calculate basic pricing, estimated usage, proposal, and financing done per year
  • Displays comprehensive results on net sales, gross profit, net profit, and net margin
  • Displays approval process according to higher authority personnel within the organization

OBD II Diagnostic that displays a car’s performance

  • Users get a clear idea about the issue vehicle is experiencing.
  • Get an update about code definition, explanation, and possible causes.
  • Check for Technical Service Bulletins (TSB) /Recalls.
  • Shows vehicle list even when the dongle is disconnected.
  • User can browse the application to view Help and other sections.
  • An encrypted local database ensures more data safety.